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American College Cricket Championship

2009 Mar 23 by DreamCricket USA

A day like this was made for cricket - beautiful blue skies with clouds of white and temperatures around 78 degrees. The finals of the first American College Cricket Spring Break Championship got underway for the Chanderpaul Trophy in Lauderhill, Florida.

Maryland's Montgomery College takes home the Chanderpaul Trophy in the first American College Cricket Championship

Montgomery College wins the Chanderpaul trophy
A day like this was made for cricket - beautiful blue skies with clouds of white and temperatures around 78 degrees. The finals of the first American College Cricket Spring Break Championship got underway for the Chanderpaul Trophy in Lauderhill, Florida.

Shiv himself began the celebrations by scoring 112* in the ODI against England in the West Indies. Chanderpaul could not be here to present the Trophy himself but he sent his best wishes to the Teams and showed the way with his ODI Century. Inspired by this century theyoung college cricketers,the future of American cricket, took the field.

Montgomery College batted first and surprisingly found it difficult to score against a tight University of South Florida bowling attack. After 7 overs Montgomery had only scored 29 runs, this from a batting lineup that had averaged 11 runs per over in their previous matches.

USF Captain Harsh Baddepalli,one of Florida's young stars, opened the bowling with Nirav Shah and both kept great line and length, frustrating the Montgomery batsmen. The consistent and elegant strokeplayer Danish Ashgar went for only 7 and Sadiq Naseer and Sehgal spent some time steadying the ship before they both fell, at 60 and 67. Ben David made the breakthrough for USF and Montgomery looked vulnerable for the first time in the Championship.

Captain Adit Bhatti, a talented allrounder who could easily have been DreamCricket.com's Series MVP, came in at number four and Mohammed Khamran joined him to put on a 108 run partnership. Bhatti held his end down scoring 36* whilst Khamran did a Chanderpaul imitation by saving his Team's innings. To do so Khamran punished any errant ball and pulled and hooked 6 sixes in his 63*.

Khamran's sixes soared well over the boundary line, and the scorers and spectators seemed in danger a few times. Like Chanderpaul,the left-handed Khamran gave the impression of being in control,doing what he wanted to do with the bowling despite the strong winds helping the swing bowlers. Khamran and Bhatti propelled Montgomery to 175 for 3,low compared to their previous scores but a high one nevertheless in 20 overs cricket.

The USF Team began with a good runrate but kept losing wickets. Losing star batsman Harsh Boddepalli to Khamran really hurt their chances and they were all out for 120, never really threatening the Montgmery total.

The Montgomery players grabbed the stumps to celebrate their winning of the Chanderpaul Trophy in the inaugural American College Cricket Spring Break Championship. A cooler was emptied on Captain Adit Bhatti before USACA VP of Cricket Operations Manaf Mohammed presented the jubiliant players with the huge Shiv Chanderpaul Trophy.

Later in the evening awards were presented by Laparkan Shipping's Brian Edun in the following categories:

Laparkan Best Bowler - Ankush Chandra of Boston University - together with Sumantro Das and Shilpin Makwana he comprised a pace attack that would have probably performed better had they not come from the Massachusetts winter lacking practice.

Laparkan Best Batsman - Rajeev Prabhakar of the University of Miami - his amazing 89* in 34 balls speaks for itself. It was dazzling and audacious and an example of what this new UMiami Team can do next year.

Laparkan Best Fielder - Atishe Chordia of Carnegie Mellon University- Atishe is a star. A gentleman on and off the field, he opens the batting, and often takes off the gloves to bowl fast. His Wicketkeeping was excellent, even when his pacers were generating lots of bounce and he had to jump for the balls.

DreamCricket.com Series MVP - Mohammed Khamran of Montgomery College.His innings in the Finals saved the game for his Team and as a left-hander he drew comparisons to his hero,the great Shiv Chanderpaul. Khamran also took the crucial wicket of Harsh Baddepillai, the USF star batsman and effectively stymied USF's chances of winning.His all-round performance throughout the Championship was excellent with the bat and ball.

DreamCricket.com Team Award goes to the College Cricket Team best exemplifying the spirit of cricket, went to Carnegie Mellon. From the moment this Team heard of the Championship they registered their support and showed their professionalism. On the field they batted and bowled with desire.Opening batsman Aswin Badrinarayan was one of the best batsmen in the Championship and Zoheb Veljee showed lots of talent. Their fastbowlers, Sahil Jolly, Anirudh Sood and Ankur Sarin generated surprising speed and bounce. This is a team to watch next year as many of their players will still be in school.

On a closing note the first American College Cricket Spring Break Championship was covered by New York Times for stories appearing Tuesday manifesting the impact this Championship has already made. They were fortunate to see a high standard of cricket and a very successful Championship.

Summary of a previous match between Boston University vs University of Miami

This 15 over match continued the exciting cricket of the previous matches when Boston U was sent in to bat by UMiami. Batting at number 3 the powerfully built Armu Syed who had made 40* in his previous game stroked the ball all over the field for his 58*.

Getting down on his knees Syed played cover drives that split fielders or soared overhead. Pulls,hooks and cuts were all in his repertoire of shots, giving him 3 sixes and 5 fours. Syed's innings made Boston U give UMiami a formidable total of 126 to beat.

UMiami lost an early wicket whilst Rajeev Prabhakar unleashed an avalanche of 12 fours and 3 sixes to reach 89* in only 34 balls andlead UMiami to an amazing and unexpected victory.

Prabhakar and Sharat shared a 92 run partnership of which Sharat did his part and contirbuted 19. At one point Prabhakar hit 4 consecutive fours, another time he hit 4,4,6 and 4. It was not big hitting but great stroke-playing.

Prabhakar was unstoppableand he played all around the wicket, piercing the field for boundary after boundary. With batting like this Prabhakar might have taken UMiami to the Finals had he not missed Friday's games due to classes.

Naming him Man of the Match was a foregone conclusion.