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Future seems very bright - Gladstone Dainty to the USA Cricket AGM

2010 Apr 20 by DreamCricket USA

In the President's Annual Report that was circulated at the AGM, Mr. Gladstone Dainty observed that USACA is communicating better, is becoming more purposeful and is moving rapidly in a positive direction.

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Part 3 of DreamCricket.com’s coverage of the USA Cricket Association AGM - USA Cricket Association President's Report


In the President’s Annual Report that was circulated at the AGM, Mr. Gladstone Dainty observed that USACA is communicating better, is becoming more purposeful and is moving rapidly in a positive direction.  He noted that this was possible “by empowering more stakeholders.”

“USACA still has pressing need for more administrative, technical, and financial resources to carry out the mandate of the organization.  The vastness of the USACA territory, the high operating costs, and lack of suitable dedicated cricket facilities are highlighted due to these deficiencies,” Mr. Dainty wrote.

On a positive note, he wrote: “We have succesfully overcoming some of our obstacles by improving our cash flow problems.” [sic] and "we are exploring new revenue generating avenues and the future seems very bright.”

Just as he had said in his speech, Mr. Dainty reaffirmed his confidence in his board in the annual report: “The USACA Board is evolving into a thoughtful, skillful and deliberate team and I feel confident that their actions and directions given to the CEO will result into a solid foundation for progress of USA cricket.”

Progress since 2008

Expressing satisfaction with the progress made since the elections in March 2008, Mr. Dainty listed the various accomplishments in his report:

  • All Regional Boards have been established and partially functional;
  • USACA Executive Board meetings are being held per schedule;
  • An office has been established in Miami Beach, Florida;
  • A CEO has been appointed and he has enhanced our capabilities;
  • Several committees have been commissioned and some are functional; and
  • A five year developmental plan has been completed with some phase[s] being implemented.

Describing the status of USACA's relationship with the ICC Americas, Mr. Dainty noted: “Regional Manager Martin Vieira and his staff are valuable resources for USACA.  Mr. Andy Pick and Wendell Copping have made themselves available for a range of service including high performance coaching methods, techniques and education.”

Talking about the growth of the New York City Public Schools cricket program, he wrote that “it is imperative that USACA allocate more attention and other resources to this program.”   Separately, when New York Region’s Selwyn Ceasar spoke of PSAL and Newcomers High School, Mr. Dainty commended the effort and asked if the cricketers were playing age-group cricket as well.   Echoing the same theme elsewhere, NewYorkCricket.com reported on April 19th that Mr. Dainty was ‘disappointed that so far no players from those programs have yet won places in the national Under-15 and Under-19 teams.’

In his Annual Report, Mr. Dainty listed the many accomplishments of USA Cricket on the field including the success of the senior team in progressing to Division 4 and of the U-19 team progressing to the World Cup.

What should we expect in 2010?

Mr. Dainty wrote in his Annual Report that he was working with the WICB President on “a proposal to host regional and international competitions in the USA for the benefit of the Americas Region.”  Adding “I am hopeful that real soon we will reward them [Lauderhill stadium] with cricket at the highest level.” 

Speaking about the much talked about New Zealand versus Sri Lanka T20 series at the AGM, Mr. Dainty sounded positive and said that negotiations were in progress on that as well as several commercial deals.   

Although he did not elaborate on this subject further at the AGM, Mr. Dainty was more forthcoming about the negotiations in the article that appeared yesterday on NewYorkCricket.com where he was quoted as saying: “If you ask me I will be more inclined to say the chances are greater for it [the NZ vs SL series] to be staged than not.” 

The website provided more pointers on the commercial deals: ‘USACA and Cricket New Zealand, the ruling body for the sport in that country, which has a partnership arrangement with the former, are collaborating to stage the ODI series which would be complimented by matches between the United States national team and one from the West Indies territories.’

‘An investor is providing some of the funding and television rights are shopped around for the games,’ Mr. Dainty told the website.  He also spoke of a separate deal for T20 cricket.  'CEO Don Lockerbie is working on a number projects outside of the Cricket New Zealand arrangement.  One includes a deal with the NACL group to stage all Twenty20 games involving the national team in the United States.’