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New York Cricket: Everest ACS crush Richmond Hill in EACA T20 Blitz Finals

2012 Oct 02 by DreamCricket USA

The Everest ACS Cricket Organization won their fifteenth Cricket Championship (combined) due to the superb performance of their power hitter, Amjad Khan, who bruised, battered, and bludgeoned the Richmond Hill Cricket Club bowlers to score the fastest century in a Twenty20 game in the New York Metropolitan area.

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By Sam Sooppersaud

The Everest/ACS Cricket Organization won their fifteenth Cricket Championship (combined) due to the superb performance of their power hitter, Amjad Khan, who bruised, battered, and bludgeoned the Richmond Hill Cricket Club bowlers to score the fastest century in a Twenty20 game in the New York Metropolitan area ( and probably in the USA), when these two clubs met in the Eastern American Cricket Association T20 Blitz Finals at The Cage in Queens, New York, on Sunday, September 30, 2012.

Pic (Right): Amjad Khan [File Photo]

White missiles were bouncing off Amjad's bat to all parts of the cricket field and over the high 18 foot chain link fence that encloses the cricket park, hence the name, The Cage. Watching T20 cricket at The Cage on this day was potentially dangerous for cricket fans. A goup of fans, including myself, were sitting outside the ropes on the midwicket boundary. A Richmond Hill, fielder Wahid Ward, was infront of us supposedly guarding that position. Amjad Khan "cut loose" a wicked pull shot off a short ball from Zaheer Sadloo, which flew towards Ward. The fieldsman moved to his left with his hands in catching position only to see the ball curved away to his right, shoulder-high, and slammed into the ground between myself and my cricket-watching buddy, Richard Jogie. I was able to veer to my left and avoided being hit by the ball, "in the nick of time". Luckily, no one was hurt. This prompted Mike Sewdial, Greg's dad to remark, "it looks like we have to put on a helmet to watch the game".

Amjad was outscoring his various partners at the wicket by leaps and bounds. In the first 50 runs scored by Everest/ACS, Amjad scored 43 of those. At one stage of the innings Commentator Carl Bennett remarked that "Amjad Khan has scored 87% of the runs so far". His first 50 came up in 33 balls. He was on 48 runs when he skied the ball to the deep midwicket fence. The fielder settled under the ball but failed to hold on to the chance. The ball rolled over the ropes giving Amjad his first half century.

Richmond Hill was made to pay heavily for that lapse. Amjad let loose a barrage of shots which the fieldsman could only watch as the ball careened to the boundary or flew over the fence. In one over bowled by M. Seeram the "missile launcher" hit 4,4,4,6,6, the same over in which the batsman was given a life. Had the chance been taken who knows what the results might have been because at that stage the game was hanging in a poised with 68 runs required for victory in 68 balls. ....talk about "catches win games"!

So far I have only written about the exploits of one player, Amjad Khan. My friend, Jogie said to me," Sam, Amajd is a one man wrecking crew". That, he certainly was. The other four batsmen who partnered him were just the "supporting cast", using a Hollywood term. Amjad reached his first 2012 season T20 century in 56 balls. He was caught for 108 runs which include 9-4's and
7-6's, indeed, a nightmare for the Richmond Hill bowlers.

By now I am sure you, the readers, got the message that Amjad Khan was the star of the (show) game. So let me move on to the other cast members. There were others whose efforts deserve some accolades and I would give these to them. The Richmond Hill opening batsmen, W. Ward (40 runs in 38 balls) and Debo Sankar (25 runs in 27 balls) gave their team an excellent start, in a 71 run first wicket partnership. At the 10th over mark Richmond Hill were scoring at the rate of 7 runs per over and with 9 wickets in hand a score of over 150 runs was projected. Once Ward and Sankar departed wickets fell like bowling pins. Only the Sadloo brothers, Zaheer (28 runs in 18 balls) and Shameer (25 runs in 13 balls) offered any resistence. Five other batsmen fell for an aggregate score of 18 runs.

The Richmond Hill supporters felt that their team had not taken advantage of an excellent platform laid by their openers, and had thus squandered away the opportunity to score a challenging total. The Veteran Zamin Amin could be "blamed" for the destruction of the RH batting lineup. He took 4 wickets of those wickets for 32 in his 4 overs. Skipper Karan Ganesh helped his team's cause by ending up with figures of 2 for 16 in 4 overs, while the hero of the Everest/ACS - Meten-Meer-Zorg Semi-Finals, Terry Hastoo continued his good showing with 2 for 15 in 2 overs.

Needing 145 runs for victory Everest/ACS called upon Steve Nowrangilall and Amjad Khan, a regular middle order batsman, to commence the run chase. They lost Nowrangilall (2 runs) in the 5th over with the score on 33. Tamesh Balwant went in the same over without bothering the scorer. RH were in the driver's seat now with 2 wickets down for 34 runs, and 5 overs having been bowled. But the destructive Amjad Khan was "at work" and saw to it that the "job was done". When Amjad departed Everest/ACS needed 14 runs from 27 balls. Captain of Everest/ACS, Karan Ganesh (22 runs N.O. 24 balls) and Zamin Amin (7. N.O. in 6 ball) saw their team home - 145 for 3 in 15.3 overs.

Richmand Hill used seven bowlersin all. Zaheer Sadloo was the most successful of them with figures of 2 for 17 in 4 overs. Skipper R. Bactowar claimed 1 for 31 in 4 overs.

It was the largest crowd this season that showed up at The Cage to watch a game. The supporters for each team were about evenly divided. They were entertained, regardless of which team they were supporting. This was the last game in the EACA 2012 cricket season. Everyone had a grand time.