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Think it Over - Over

2010 Jul 26 by DreamCricket USA

One of DreamCricket.com's quizzes comes to a premature end.

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By Gokul

Dear "Think it Over" participants,
It is with much disappointment that we must inform you that due to some resource constraints, we are having to pull the plug on the quiz prematurely.

Consequently, here is the final the tally of "DreamRuns":

Congratulations to our top-3 finishers: ROGER, SACHIN and SUPRATIM!

They kept the "overs" interesting right throughout and, as you can see, it ended up being pretty tight at the top.

As per the original announcement of this quiz series, "the quizzer with the most DreamRuns will be allowed to exchange her/ his DreamRuns for items from our PavilionShop online cricket store" ...

... and that quizzer happens to be ROGER!!

CONGRATULATIONS to ROGER for being the first-ever winner of DreamCricket.com's "Think it Over"

Roger can exchange his DreamRuns for US $30 (at approximately US $1 for every 10 DreamRuns, and then rounded off to US $30)


transfer these points onto the next quiz series that shall begin DreamCricket.com soon.

There are plans to start this new quiz in the near future, maybe as early as the next week (week of July August 1, 2010) ... with a slightly different concept and "quiz master".

So watch out for that one on www.DreamCricket.com

It was much fun bringing this quiz to you over the past few months.
Thanks for your avid rather well-informed participation.


Here are the answers to Over #9 (which was a "spot the ball" contest.):
  1. E1

  3. F7


  5. J7

  7. B4

  9. E2

  11. I7

So there you have it. Hopefully, you enjoyed this quiz, while it lasted.