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Tony Verity, America's Mr. Cricket, Passes Away

2014 Jun 17 by DreamCricket USA

Just a week after the passing away of Clifforn Severn Sr., Southern California cricket community lost another stalwart - Dr. Maurice Anthony "Tony" Verity passed away over the weekend.

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Just a week after the passing away of Clifforn Severn Sr., Southern California cricket community lost another stalwart - Dr. Maurice Anthony "Tony" Verity passed away over the weekend.  

Dr. Verity was Professor of Pathology and Lab Medicine at UCLA.   He was also a long-time member and President of the University Cricket Club.   Dr. Verity's contributions to SCCA and USACA are immense.   Aside from playing for USA, Dr. Verity was a well known administrator and organizer.  Dr. Verity was the founding secretary of USACA in 1963, a role he held when USACA was recognized by the ICC. 

Dr. Verity played an instrumental role in organizing several cricket tours.   

According to historian David Sentance, Dr. Verity organized an SCCA tour of Jamaica and several tours to Britain and Canada for the University Cricket Club.  "The UCC touring tradition helped the team retain top position for over two decades in SCCA league cricket," David Sentance said.

Dr. Verity also arranged numerous visits to the USA by overseas sides, including MCC and Yorkshire, to the US.  At the end of one such tour in 1964, the visiting Yorkshire team called him "America's Mr. Cricket." 

Dr. Verity played for USA on more than one occasion.  In 1963, he represented USA in the annual game against Canada scoring 17 and 4.  Dr. Verity played for SCCA when New Zealand came visiting in 1965.  Dr. Verity also played for the American team that toured England in 1968.

As a fundraiser, he is remembered for initiating the SCCA Golf Tournament to raise funds for local youth.    Dr. Verity was also the founder of the SCCA Umpires Association and officiated in several international matches,including USA vs Ireland in 1973 and USA vs Canada in 1974 . 

In the words of David Sentance, "If there was any good happening in SCCA - Southern California Cricket Association Tony was behind it."

"For a small man he had a huge presence on and off the field. He will be surely missed," Atul Rai, former President of SCCA and USACA said.