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USA Cricket: ACF announces North American Championship for top club sides

2014 Jan 30 by DreamCricket USA

The American Cricket Federation (ACF) announced the inaugural North American Cricket Championship (NACC), a three-match, 40-over series between the ACF National Champion Midwest Cricket Conference and the Toronto Cricket Club.

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The American Cricket Federation (ACF) announced the inaugural North American Cricket Championship (NACC), a three-match, 40-over series between the ACF National Champion Midwest Cricket Conference and the Toronto Cricket Club.  

ACF said that the championship will be played annually between the winner of the national championship and the top Canadian club.  While the ACF national champion is decided via an annual inter-league contest, it is not clear how the top Canadian club is selected.  Of course, the Toronto Cricket Club, which will play in the 2014 championship is generally regarded as one of the best club sides in Canada.

ACF announced that the match would be hosted by member league Arizona Cricket Association at the scenic Nichols Park Basin, which is one of the best turf-wicket grounds in the United States.

In the media release, ACF said that it would kick off its tournament calendar each year with the NACC.  That would be immediately followed by the American Cricket Champions League™, which would culminate in the ACF National Championship Tournament™.

Sadiq Yusuf of the MWCC said, "Our players are thrilled and excited to be going to Phoenix – and for this rare chance to play the highest-quality cricket on turf pitches, in a 40-over format. It is a huge opportunity for our players to showcase their talents, and the fact that it comes in an international contest is icing on the cake!"

ACF Honorary Advisory Board member, Ian Chappell, was quoted as saying: "This sounds like a wonderful starting point to get USA cricket moving in a cohesive direction and one that will give the players the chance to show their skills in order to progress in the game. This is an initiative that should be supported strongly in order to boost a sport that has exciting potential in the USA."