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USA Cricket: Triangle Cricket League hosts U-13 Invitational Tournament

2013 Jul 23 by DreamCricket USA

The Triangle Cricket League, formed in 2009, conducted its inaugural Alvin Kallicharran Cup U-13 Tournament in Morrisville, North Carolina on July 19, 20 and 21, 2013.

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The Triangle Cricket League, a USACA member league that was formed in 2009, conducted its inaugural Alvin Kallicharran Cup U-13 Tournament in Morrisville, North Carolina on July 19, 20 and 21, 2013.  According to a pre-tournament notice, the tournament featured two home teams - TCL Blues and TCL Reds - and four visiting teams - California Cricket Academy, WWCA (Florida), WCA (Georgia) and CLNJ U-13 Colts (NJ).  

The California Cricket Academy U13 team won the tournament convincingly while TCL Blues finished second.  Shopnavo Biswas of CCA won the Best Batsman award and was the highest run getter.  CCA's Pratham finished as the top bowler. The tournament was played with a 5.5 oz ball under an amended rule-set. 

The tournament was kicked off by Morrisville Councilman Steve Rao.  Reminding everyone of the historic significance of the cricketing venue, Rao said: "On the very fields, that we began this tournament, some of the last battles of the Civil War were fought at the Cedar Fork Park, and so we are always reminded of what opportunity we have to shape our future and play our part in making History."

For a majority of U-13 participants, this was the first competitive tournament.   Kids and parents were especially appreciative of Triangle Cricket League's many volunteers for their efforts in hosting the first U-13 age group tournament in North Carolina.  Rajesh Uppalapati, President of TCL, earned special praise for his catalyzing role in conducting this tournament.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony following the tournament, Councilman Rao acknowledged the role of TCL's volunteers.   "Future generations of Wake County citizens will benefit from the vision and will of the Triangle Cricket League," he said.   [Picture above: Steve Rao at the presentation ceremony. Courtesy: SteveRao.com]

A surprise reward for all participants was the inspiring interaction with the legendary West Indian batsman Alvin Kallicharan (Pictured Right).  In his speech, Kallicharan reminded the kids about how they must be so grateful to play the game and to earn everything they can through hard work.

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[Featured picture on DreamCricket.com homepage is from the Triangle Park area's Indyweek.com which featured cricket in its annual manual 2012-2013.]