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USA Cricket: USACA unveils 2014 Talent Development Plan

2014 Jan 23 by DreamCricket USA

The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) 'Talent Development Plan' for 2014 introduced a pathway for Under 17 age category in preparation for the 2016 ICC Under 19 World Cup.

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The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) 'Talent Development Plan' for 2014 introduced a pathway for Under 17 age category in preparation for the 2016 ICC Under 19 World Cup.   

“The USACA Talent Development Programme was developed in response to plans that the ICC Americas’ has for talent development within the Region in 2014 and to begin to prepare for upcoming international duties in the coming years, with a particular emphasis on the 2016 ICC Under 19 World Cup," USACA CEO, Darren Beazley said in the release. 

An Under 17 team is expected to be picked to participate in an ICC Americas tournament against Canada and Bermuda.  The ICC Americas tournament is slated for 'the middle of [2014]' the plan noted.

"Tournaments are important and will still be part of the Talent Development programme, but Development Squads working with Regional Development coaches on a weekly basis is fundamental to establishing the next generation of elite US players. Skill refinement cannot be achieved over the course of a weekend."

The Under 15’s Development Programme will culminate with teams competing in the AAU Junior Olympics to be staged in Des Moines, Iowa in late July, the release noted.   Details regarding team selection for the Olympics were not yet available.  The U-15 program's AAU goal is similar in intent to a grassroots-level tournament initiative announced last month by a group of  youth cricket organizers who hoped to organize a tournament in Dallas 'potentially leading up to the Olympics.'  The group said they were seeking USACA's support for their plan.

USACA said that it had plans to include Under 19 Players in US National Cricket Championships and that the best five Under 19 players would be selected for ICC America’s combine team that would compete in a competition in the Caribbean in September.

The complete plan can be accessed here:  http://www.usaca.org/images/documents/140121%202014%20talent%20dev%20plan%20-%20web.pdf