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USA Cricket: 2013 New Inning Foundation USA Cricket Awards Announced

2014 Feb 24 by DreamCricket USA

As we enter the 2014 playing season, DreamCricket.com is ready to salute the best of the best in American cricket for the fourth year running with the 2013 USA Cricket Awards presented by New Inning Foundation.

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As we enter the 2014 playing season, DreamCricket.com is getting ready to salute the best of the best in American cricket for the fourth year running with the 2013 USA Cricket Awards.  The awards are once again being presented by New Inning Foundation, an organization that has supported cricketing excellence since its founding in 2011. 

USA had mixed fortunes on the field of play in 2013. The country experienced the high of yet another undefeated run in regional competition as they recorded an 8-0 sweep at the ICC Americas Division One Twenty20 tournament in Florida. USA’s success on home soil was balanced out though by some letdowns abroad with a third place finish at ICC World Cricket League Division Three in Bermuda, a runner-up finish at the ICC Americas U-19 Division One tournament in Canada, a winless senior team tour to Canada for the Auty Cup and a 15th place finish among 16 participating countries at the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier in the UAE.

While the collective results were up and down, many of USA’s players stood out for making significant contributions to the national team. Players are once again being saluted for their commitment to give it their all and represent the United States with distinction. DreamCricket.com and New Inning Foundation are proud to recognize these players for their accomplishments.

Speaking about the 2014 awards, Ram Varadarajan, the founder and trustee of New Inning Foundation said, “For four years now, the New Inning Awards have given us an opportunity to celebrate the passion, excellence and dedication of US cricketers. The awards, which are now an annual tradition, recognize the tremendous talent and positive contributions of individuals both on and off the playing field. Thanks to DreamCricket.com for this very thoughtful initiative."

Kranthi Bayya, CEO of DreamCricket.com said, "Presenting the USA Cricket Awards is one of the ways in which we have been giving back to the American cricket community. We are grateful for New Inning Foundation's support in making this possible. Ram Varadarajan has consistently supported us from the very beginning and we thank him for his continued support as the awards enter their fourth year."

In 2013, a total of 42 players were selected to represent USA in official tournament play. To be a part of this select group out of the tens of thousands of players nationwide who play in leagues around the USA is a remarkable achievement. The award winners are chosen as a way to pay tribute to all the hard work and sacrifices they make on the way to being America’s most valuable cricket ambassadors.

In light of the limited number of tournaments played during 2013, there will only be four player awards for the year - Best Newcomer, Best Junior Cricketer, Best Bowler and Best Batsman.  Each player award will comprise of a plaque and a DreamCricket.com PavilionShop gift certificate worth $200 sponsored by New Inning Foundation.

In addition to the player awards this year, there will be a series of other awards to recognize significant contributions made off the field including the Shekhs Aravind Spirit of Cricket Award, the Bart King Lifetime Achievement Award, the Best USA Cricket Photo Award, the Best League Award and the Best Ground Award.  

The winner of the Best US Cricket Photo Award will receive a PavilionShop gift certificate worth $200.  The recipients of the remaining non-player awards will receive a plaque sponsored by New Inning Foundation.   Just as in the previous years, the non-player award recipients will be determined by a panel of judges.  In three popular categories - the Best League, Best Ground and Best USA Cricket Photo, social media support will also be considered.  

The player awards have been decided based on a combination of factors including statistical achievement, delivering under pressure and giving one’s best effort to represent USA in 2013. The players were judged on their performances in USA’s international commitments.

These include:
ICC Americas Division One Twenty20
ICC World Cricket League Division Three
ICC Americas U-19 Division One
The K.A. Auty Cup Series
ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier