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USA Cricket: ACF announces 2nd annual Inter-league T20

2013 Jul 16 by DreamCricket USA

he American Cricket Federation (ACF) announced that its second annual national inter-league T20 event, will be held over the Columbus Day weekend (October 12-14, 2013) in Orlando, Florida.

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The American Cricket Federation (ACF) announced that its second annual national inter-league T20 event, will be held over the Columbus Day weekend (October 12-14, 2013) in Orlando, Florida.  Last year's event, held over the same weekend at the Woodley Complex in Los Angeles attracted 8 leagues and drew all-round praise.

Pic (Right): SCCA won the keenly contested final and CLNJ took the second place in last year's final [File Photo - Courtesy: Peter Della Penna/DreamCricket.com]

Kunal Patel, President of the Florida Cricket Conference, which is the host league for the 2013 edition of the tournament said: “The Florida Cricket Conference is excited to host the 2nd annual national inter-league T20 tournament of such magnitude and we are leaving no stone unturned to make this a memorable event for all participating leagues, players and their families.”

With the announcement, ACF reinforced its commitment to its membership that it continues to work on its goals that brought about its inception: unity among all cricketers and cricket organizations, transparency and grass-roots development.   

During 2013, ACF was the main sponsor of GWCA Atlanta Women's T20 tournament.  Also, MichCA, an ACF member league, played a crucial role in the inclusion of cricket in the AAU Junior Olympics. 

The tournament is not an USACA-approved event and at least one league issued a warning to its players last year.  Players "will be penalized subject to USACA enforcing this law," NCCA's Sunil Kumar noted in an email to the league's clubs which listed potential sanctions including "[p]layers may become ineligible to play in NCCA league or its tournaments."

However, many leagues had already lost USACA representation after being disqualified from voting in the controversial 2012 election.  Several leagues found themselves in regions that were no longer viable and had no functioning regional administrations.  Also, USACA had failed to conduct domestic inter-league or regional tournaments on a consistent schedule for some years.  As a result, the 2012 tournament saw the participation of some of the top leagues in the country.  The situation remains largely unchanged in 2013 as well.