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USA Cricket: ACF asks more questions following USYCA's critique of USACA

2013 Aug 30 by DreamCricket USA

Two days after ESPNcricinfo published a critique of USA Cricket Association by USYCA's president Jamie Harrison, the American Cricket Federation raised further questions in a press release that is now circulating widely across USA's leagues.

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Two days after ESPNcricinfo published a critique of USA Cricket Association by USYCA's president Jamie Harrison, the American Cricket Federation raised further questions in a press release that is now circulating widely across USA's leagues.

USACA has "proven itself incapable of establishing cricket as an American sport," Harrison is quoted as saying in the article.  Harrison, whose efforts to promote cricket among American youth have won him the top prize from ICC Americas in 2010, was stinging in his criticism of the status quo.

"Rather than prop up a dysfunctional, unpopular body saddled with crushing debt that cannot act in the best interests of American cricket, the ICC should do the right thing and let us begin again, and if the ICC won't get on the right side of the debate, then the USA should just do it without them.

In response, both ICC and USACA admitted to problems but maintained that cricket was heading in a new direction.  Tim Anderson, ICC's Global Development Manager, told ESPNcricinfo that USACA was now putting in place the changes required to progress.  "To the USACA Board's credit, it has recognised that change is needed for the game to move forward more purposefully, and over the past year this has led to the appointment of a new CEO, the implementation of an independent governance review and the development of a new strategy and staffing structure that has a focus on both improving performance and growing participation.  For his part, Darren Beazley, CEO of USACA, said a lot of progress had been made over the last six months.

American Cricket Federation, an organization that counts among its members several leagues that were disenfranchised by USACA, asked more questions in a press release issued on August 30th.  "While commending the article for reading by all U.S. cricketers, the ACF prefers to look forward rather than adding its comments on a universally accepted and historic perspective," the ACF release noted, adding that "The formation of the ACF itself was motivated by similar terminal frustration."

Among the questions raised by ACF's Steering Committee:

  • Where has been the wider national debate among U.S. cricketers about the right development model for US cricket?
  • Where is the democratic representation of the everyday U.S. cricketer?
  • Why was it so easy for the ACF to define and gain public approval for its Constitution and its forthcoming election process?
  • How is it that the ACF can organize annual National T20 inter-league tournaments, support youth cricket, and sponsor a major Women’s tournament with international participation, and all without ICC funding? Does U.S. cricket need foreign funding? Does it need just more promises?

The media release also noted that the ACF 2013 Annual National Inter-League T20 Tournament would be held in Orlando, Florida, October 12-14, 2013.  The tournament will be hosted by the Florida Cricket Conference and played at Silver Star Park and Eagles Nest Park in West Orlando, Fl.

The organization also said that Elections would be held for Board and Advisory & Judiciary Committee in December, 2013 after which the currently governing Steering Committee will disband en bloc.  All league, club and individual members of good standing will be entitled to nominate candidates and vote.  ACF noted that a cut-off date for new members to receive a voting privilege will be announced shortly as mandated by audit and voter publication provisions under the ACF Constitution.