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USA Cricket: ACF publishes mid-year progress report

2014 Jul 15 by DreamCricket USA

The American Cricket Federation (ACF) published a mid-year report at the end of June summarizing progress to date. During the first half of 2014, ACF succeeded in differentiating itself from USACA in two key areas - in governance and in providing membership services.

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The American Cricket Federation (ACF) published a mid-year report at the end of June summarizing progress to date.  In the report, ACF reiterated that it had stayed true to its vision of being a national, inclusive and transparent organization to serve American cricketers anywhere in America.  Consistent with this vision, the organization implemented key provisions in its constitution including term limits, women’s and youth representation, club and player representation, softball cricket representation, an independent director, and independently supervised elections. 

During the first half of 2014, ACF succeeded in differentiating itself from USACA in two key areas - governance and provision of membership services.  

ACF implemented its first elections, which received praise for being fair and transparent, they were also held exactly as scheduled on December 7, 2013.  This last aspect of timeliness, while seemingly simple, was refreshing given the postponements and scheduling changes that USACA has inflicted on its members over the last decade.

The newly elected Board and Advisory and Judiciary Committee (AJ&C) then elected Jagan Jagannathan as its Chairperson, Avinash Varma as its Vice-Chairperson, John Aaron as its Secretary, Mike Thomas as its Treasurer, and Jatin Patel as the convener of the AJ&C.

Patrick Klinger, a veteran baseball marketing executive, joined as the Board’s Independent Director in March 2014. Jamie Harrison was retained as ACF's Chief Executive Officer having started in that role in September of 2013.

ACF also announced the creation of its Honorary Advisory Board (HAB) in January of 2014.

ACF also continued to sign up members during the first half of 2014.  In its mid-year report, ACF noted that it had 21 League members (including 17 hard ball cricket leagues), 23 Club Members, and 119 Individual Members.  USACA, on the other hand, has not published a verifiable and accurate membership list in years. 

For some years, the key service that USACA had been providing was membership insurance.  ACF successfully negotiated a competitive and discounted insurance service with varying levels of coverage, meeting a major requirement of its members.

ACF also launched the first ever North American Cricket Championship between the top ACF and Canadian league teams.   After two years of its league play-off championships, ACF also launched a year-long American Cricket Champions League (ACCL) in April of this year.   Domestic cricket leagues from across the country are competing with each other in a 40-overs competition spread over six months leading to a championship playoff series this October, in Orlando, Florida where the national champion will be decided. 

ACF pledged its wholehearted support to the development of women’s cricket.  Three women now serve in varying capacities as part of the governing structure of the ACF and the organization has a representative for women's cricket on its board.   In 2013 and 2014, ACF provided significant logistical support in addition to financial sponsorship to a women's cricket tournament held in Atlanta.  In April, ACF launched its ACE Women’s Cricket Initiative with a “Women’s Cricket Awareness Week,” and is currently in the first phase of the program, aimed at Assessing, Creating and Executing a comprehensive women’s cricket development program in the US.

ACF has undertaken a single national standard for cricket coaching certification. It provides for standardized national cricket coaching accreditation using nationally established standards, regulations and policies.  A key aspect of the initiative is to ensure that youth and women’s coaching needs are comprehensively addressed across the US.

In addition to its cricketing initiatives, ACF launched a volunteer recognition award in Fall 2013, and has recognized several volunteers to date. 

The ACF has also had small but notable early success in roping in sponsors and partners.  Hammer Cricket agreed to present equipment as prizes and cricket sponsorships at ACF tournaments as part of its partnership with ACF.  ACF has also negotiated discounted rates for its members for CricHQ.  ACF also struck a partnership with Newbery Cricket.  Under the terms of this sponsorship, Newbery will provide custom designed and manufactured kits at no cost to ACCL teams and umpires, and will also produce and market ACF-licensed team apparel and merchandise.