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USA Cricket: Brian Walters resigns from USACA board

2014 Apr 02 by DreamCricket USA

Brian Walters, USACA Central West Representative and Chairman of the Governance Implementation Committee, resigned from USACA board over the weekend.

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By Venu Palaparthi

Brian Walters, USACA Central West Representative and Chairman of the Governance Implementation Committee, resigned from USACA board over the weekend.

"Due to numerous personal and professional commitments, I have found it difficult to fully dedicate myself to my duties as a member of the board of directors at the USA Cricket Association," Walters wrote in a note.  "I have therefore made the difficult decision to resign from the board."

Brian Walters is one of three board members from the Central West Region.   In 2013, Walters was given charge of the Governance Review Committee, which included Jon Long (ICC), Nigel Melville (US Rugby).   In May 2013, the committee announced that it had selected TSE Consulting, based in Indianapolis, to review its governance structure and make recommendations for improving governance of the sport.

In October 2013, Brian Walters traveled across USA to collect feedback on TSE's recommendations.   He was joined on the tour by Tim Anderson of ICC and USACA's CEO Darren Beazley.  At the half way point of the tour, Walters said:  "The reaction (of the leagues) to the TSE's recommendations and USACA's suggested response has been overwhelmingly positive."  

"Our objective is to have a recommendation by the end of the month that reflects the common themes from the feedback received throughout this process and to go forward with this recommendation to the AGM on the 16th of November for ratification by the members."

At the AGM, USACA opted not to ratify any changes preferring to form a Governance Implementation Committee.   USACA President Gladstone Dainty said: "It is planned that any changes requiring constitutional change will be ready by summer 2014." 

Following the AGM, I wrote: 'if the implementation committee is stacked with friends of entrenched interests, no meaningful change should be expected, especially in areas such as term limits, independent directors and inclusive representation.'  

When the Implementation Committee was constituted, it was noticably lacking in independence.  Brian Walters was named the Chairman of the Committee and the committee included several members who are thought to be closely aligned with the establishment.

With the resignation of Brian Walters, USACA has lost the services of a board member who championed reforms from the outset.  As the organization looks for a replacement, USACA leagues must insist on someone who strives to advance transparency in governence.

Walters' resignation coincided with USACA's announcement on Saturday that it remained committed to a vote on a new constitution at a Special General Meeting to be held this summer.  A date for the meeting was not provided.

Picture Courtesy: USACA Website