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USA Cricket: Florida Southeast Cricket League is sixteenth hard ball league to join ACF (Corrected)

2014 Mar 05 by DreamCricket USA

FSCL, the latest league to join the ACF, started with just 6 clubs in 1998 and now has 14 clubs with over 400 registered players. FSCL's executive includes Mohammad "Maq" Qureshi, whose companies have sponsored tournaments across America that bear the MAQ T20 name.

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One of the two leagues that operates under the name of Florida Southeast Cricket League (FSCLCricket.US), became the sixteenth hard ball cricket league to join the American Cricket Federation.  With that, ACF's overall league membership count increased to eighteen.  ACF has two members who play softball cricket and several non-league members. 

As a result of the latest sign-up, ACF has made strong inroads into the South East region, which was considered a stronghold of USACA as recently as February.  Another South East based league, the MidAtlantic Cricket Conference joined the ACF last week.  Two other leagues in the region - Florida Cricket Conference based in Orlando and North Florida Cricket League based in Jacksonville, have been ACF members since the last quarter of 2013.

USACA remains strong in Atlanta where the two main leagues, Atlanta Georgia Cricket Conference and Georgia Supreme Cricket League, remain loyal to USACA.  One of the two leagues that call themselves Florida Southeast Cricket League continues to remain in the USACA fold.  In addition, the Triangle Cricket League in the Raleigh-Durham area, the South Florida Cricket Alliance in the Miami area, and the Central Florida Cricket  Association in Orlando are also with USACA.

"It is our expectation that ACF has a true growth plan to develop cricket as a governing body in the United States.  FSCL recognize(s) its mission and values. Therefore, with excitement and anticipation, FSCL has decided to affiliate with ACF," the league noted in a media release.

Errata - March 6, 2014:

The original article published on 3/5/14 was incorrect in several respects.  Corrections were made as soon as the errors were pointed out by concerned readers. 

Firstly, it was brought to our attention that there are two leagues in the Miami- Fort Lauderdale area that use the Florida Southeast Cricket League name and logo.   The first league maintains its website at FSCLCricket.org and the other uses FSCLCricket.US for its website.   The article has been corrected to reflect that the latter league became a member of the ACF.  The former remains in the USACA fold.  Maq Qureshi is an executive of the former, which remains a member of USACA.  The original article incorrectly identified Mr. Qureshi as an executive of the ACF member league.  That incorrect association has since been deleted. 

Also, the article incorrectly stated that the total number of ACF's league members was 16 including 14 hard ball leagues.   The correct total as of yesterday was 18 leagues with 16 hard ball leagues.  The article has been corrected to reflect this fact.

DreamCricket.com apologizes for the confusion caused.