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USA Cricket: Former USA cricketer and Hollywood actor Clifford Severn Sr passes away at 89

2014 Jun 05 by DreamCricket USA

As a child star, Severn, an immigrant from South Africa acted in eighteen movies in a career spanning 10 years. He was one of eight Severn children who together had 200 credits as child actors.

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Clifford Severn Sr, Hollywood actor and a stalwart of the Southern California cricket community passed away.  He was 89. 

As a child star, Severn, an immigrant from South Africa acted in eighteen movies in a career spanning 10 years.  He was one of eight Severn children who together had 200 credits as child actors. 

An early member of Hollywood Cricket Club, Severn played a key role in the growth of cricket in the greater LA area.  In recognition of his many contributions and for his involvement in the development of several cricket fields in Southern California, the fourth of the Woodley Fields was named The Severn Field. 

At the height of his cricketing career, Severn played for USA in 1965 and 1966.  In the 1965 drawn match against Canada, Severn scored 26 in the first innings and 4 in the second.  The following year, when Canada visited USA, he scored 14 and 8 in a winning effort.

Severn was also a major supporter of the 1999 India A vs Australia A international cricket tournament, the first such series in the modern era to be played on US shore. 

"This is like the culmination of a dream, and it was a long time coming,'' Clifford Severn told The Daily News.  "We need this to go big in Los Angeles, and the United States, because people around the world look here for the best-of-the-best.  That will make it even bigger.''

Severn is remembered fondly by his fellow club and league cricketers for his gentlemanly grace and his lifelong involvement with cricket.  "He was a very pleasant man with a million stories to tell. I remember when I used to come to Woodley for practice or a match and he was always there to support us youth, weather it was with his cheers or advice," Rahim Mohamed posted on Facebook.

Services for Clifford Severn Sr will be held in Thousand Oaks on June 14th.  For more details, visit www.sccacricket.org.