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USA Cricket: ICC President visits World Sports Park in Indianapolis

2013 Oct 25 by DreamCricket USA

ICC President Alan Isaac visited the 48 acre World Sports Park in Indianapolis on Wednesday. The $6 million park will include two cricket grounds and will host three successive annual national championships beginning 2014.

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ICC President Alan Isaac visited the 48 acre World Sports Park in Indianapolis on Wednesday.   The $6 million park will include two cricket grounds and will host three successive annual national championships beginning 2014.   The 2014 championships will be held between 21st and 24th of August.

Isaac was accompanied by ICC’s Global Development Manager, Tim Anderson, as well as USACA Chief Executive Officer Darren Beazley and Board Members Brian Walters and Rafey Syed.

Isaac also attended the Emerging Sports Development Forum, which involved national governing bodies, youth sports and pro sports and focused on cultivating emerging sports in the USA, including cricket. 

Calling Indianapolis a major sports hub, Isaac said: “(F)or cricket to have been embraced alongside such mainstream American sporting institutions gives us great confidence that our sport has a real future in the USA.”

“The facility here is fabulous,” Isaac told IBJ . “It’s a unique facility in a lot of ways, and I could see it hosting a lot of events.”

The Mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard, who told Times of India in April: "“When people around the world think of cricket, I want them to think Indianapolis," continued along those lines while expressing thanks to the ICC President for visiting Indianapolis.  “Sports have a unique ability to bring people together, and cricket – one of the world's most popular sports – has a place in this sports town. It was an honor to welcome Mr. Isaac to Indianapolis this week and to showcase our genuine, Hoosier hospitality.”

The World Sports Park is a multi-sport complex capable of hosting elite level play for many of the world's popular field sports, including rugby, lacrosse, Gaelic sports, soccer, Australian rules football, and cricket. 

Isaac clarified that the facility was not approved for international cricket but he held out hope.  “The facility needs to be approved to international standards, and the way it’s being designed and developed, I’m confident it will be,” Isaac told IBJ.