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USA Cricket: TCC Colts Cricket League U12 Summer Season Concludes in Houston

2014 Jul 28 by DreamCricket USA

As the TCCL inaugural tournament comes to an end, plans are underway to expand to 8 teams playing in 4 grounds throughout greater Houston area from 2015.

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TCC organized the TCC Colts Cricket League (TCCL) summer tournament 2014 for children ages 8-12 years between May-July, 2014.   Over seventy children joined five participating teams - Cubs, Wild Cats, KYC Super Kings, KYC Knight Riders and NT Texans.   KYCC Super Kings won the inaugural TCC Colts Cricket League for the summer 2014 season.

Dedicated Team Coaches scheduled training sessions to teach Cricket fundamentals and scrimmage games to prepare for league games. Games were played at Matzke Park, Canyon Gate Park and Paul Rushing Park.

Super Kings, Texans, Cubs and Wild Cats reached the playoffs based on their performances. On 12 July, playoff games were conducted between Super Kings versus Wild Cats at Paul Rushing Park and Cubs versus Texans at Matzke Park.  Super Kings and Texans won their respective games and reached the finals.

The final match started with a spectacular celebrations and a huge family picnic at Matzke Park on July 19, 2014.  A crowd of 200 parents, grandparents and siblings assembled to support their children and team with banners, horns, whistles and drums.

Raffle draws were conducted before the Championship game and during drink breaks, with many exciting prizes to give away.  The Plate final to determine 3rd Place in the league was played between Wild Cats and Cubs, prior to the Championship final.   Wildcats defeated Cubs by 6 wickets in 9.2 overs.

In the Championship game, Texans won the toss and put the Super Kings into bat.  At the end of 10 overs Super Kings had a defendable score of 38 runs on the board. Texans chased scored consistently to get closer to the Championship needing only 9 runs to win in last over.

Super Kings crossed the finish line with a good final over and won by 4 runs.  Presentation party included Chief Guest Brian Hodgden, Mrs. Hodgden, Guest of Honor Sakhi Muhammed, TCC President Nanda Kumar, TCC VP Krishna Sikharam, TCC Secretary Nataraj Rao and TCCL Program Director Surya Saladi.

Coaches from all five teams were recognized for their efforts to build such team spirit amongst these young cricketers. Man of the match trophies for each league games, Play-off games and Championship Final were awarded. Top performers of various categories Rohit (League MVP) Arya (Finals MVP), Prateer (Best Batsman), Arir (Best Bowler) and Numair (Best Fielder) were recognized with award trophies.

As the TCCL inaugural tournament comes to an end, plans are underway to expand to 8 teams playing in 4 grounds throughout greater Houston area from 2015.

TCC thanked Wells Fargo and KPIT for their generous support for the inaugural TCCL tournament and would like to invite others to come forward to support this children’s cricket in Houston.

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Source: Colts Release