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USA Cricket: USACA announces plans to consult some members of the cricket community

2013 Oct 18 by DreamCricket USA

USACA's initiative is commendable inspite of the lack of clarity regarding who is invited. This direct outreach is the first such effort by USACA in recent years. In July of 2011, when USACA conducted townhall style meetings on the topic of distribution of dividends from CHALLC to the regions.

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By Venu Palaparthi

USACA announced on Wednesday that it was embarking on a ten day tour of the US to meet with its members in the next step of the Governing Review Process.   The release noted that USACA had invited members to meet the USACA President, Board members and the CEO to discuss governance of the sport.

The USACA press release noted that the meetings would be held with USACA member leagues.  However, in some regions, all stake holders, including former members that have since been disenfranchised, were invited to the meeting.  In other regions, not all leagues were invited.  In the Atlantic Region, two of the largest leagues told DreamCricket.com that they were not invited to the meeting, perhaps due to their current non-member status.

In spite of lack of clarity regarding who is invited, USACA's initiative is commendable because this direct outreach is the first such effort by the organization in two years.  In July of 2011,  USACA conducted townhall style meetings on the topic of distribution of dividends from CHALLC to the regions. 

USACA has typically left regional interactions with its constituents in the hands of regional administrators, often with mixed results.   In most regions, regional representatives have rarely consulted or confided in the member leagues on important matters concerning the direction of USA cricket.  

Against this backdrop, the USACA meetings are invaluable and it is hoped that those who were fortunate to be invited will take the time to participate and speak about their governance concerns.  It is also hoped that when they provide their inputs, they will put cricket ahead of other narrow interests.

The last thing anybody wants is that USACA makes some cosmetic changes to satisfy the ICC.   And once that is out of the way, it conducts a new election limiting participation to the same leagues as before, many of whom are known to be extremely friendly to the present dispensation.   That in turn could lead to a new governing document but a continuation of the same overall tone and tenor of governance in the near term. 

Tour Schedule:


Date   Region City
17-Oct   SWR Irvine, CA
18-Oct   SWR Los Angeles, CA
19-Oct   NWR Newark, CA
20-Oct AM SER Ft. Lauderdale, FL
20-Oct PM CER Chicago, IL
21-Oct   CER Chicago, IL
24-Oct   NYR New York, NY
25-Oct   AR New Jersey