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USA Cricket: USACA Governance Review Report released

2013 Oct 07 by DreamCricket USA

According to the press release, the USACA Board of Directors, will review the Governance Review Report, including the recommendations made by TSE Consulting, in the coming days and establish a methodology for personal communication with stakeholders and constituents.

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TSE Consulting released its USACA Governance Review Report on Monday, October 7, 2013.   

A press release issued by TSE Consulting noted that with the release of the Governance Review report, USACA had "completed its Governance Review exercise."   TSE noted in the release that it delivered the Governance Review Report 'following a comprehensive process that spanned a period of twenty weeks.'

An executive summary of the report was posted on USACA.org website.   Ironically, as is typical with USACA matters, the full 26-page version of the governance report was leaked on September 27th and was made available via a non-USACA website.

TSE summarized the major recommendations from the report as follows: restructuring the composition and selection procedures of the USACA Board of Directors, through the inclusion of Independent Directors and player representatives; increased attention to development pathways for skill progression from grassroots to elite; enhanced administrative support for regional clubs; and, increased emphasis on member service and programme delivery.

In making these recommendations, TSE noted that, 'While some recommendations would enable USACA to operate similarly to leading cricket federations worldwide, others would help to establish USACA as a global leader in governance reform through unique and progressive action.'

Interestingly, many of these recommendations already form the foundation of the American Cricket Federation which has published its constitution and announced a timeline for its first election.  USACA's commitment and effectiveness in implementing TSE's recommendations will be watched closely by current and potential members of both USACA and ACF. 

The press release noted that the members of USACA's board are expected to review the Governance Review Report, including the recommendations made by TSE Consulting, ahead of the November 16, 2013 AGM to be held in Florida.   

The full report suggests a fourteen month timeline beginning with approval of key constitutional changes (November 2013) and ending in a transition to a new USACA board as well as several independent committees.   The report also envisions that a new constitution will be drafted and ratified at an Extraordinary General Meeting of USACA in June 2014.  

According to the press release, TSE conducted numerous surveys and interviews with USACA constituents and external stakeholders, including member leagues, regional executives, USACA Board Members and ICC officials, as well as players and coaches. TSE also undertook a thorough review of the current governance model of USACA, and benchmarked it against best-managed cricket federations in the world, best practices of high-performing organisations in the United States, best-administered Olympic and non-Olympic sports organisations in the United States, and high-performance programmes of the most successful sports federations in the world.

Brian Walters, Chairman of the USACA Governance Review Committee, stated: "We needed an external eye to review our governance and TSE has provided an insightful report that digs deep into our organisation. Our Governance Review Committee has taken this task extremely seriously, and TSE has been an excellent partner in ensuring that the right questions were asked to challenge our status quo. This report contains some 'tough medicine', but we believe that we will ultimately be a better organisation after having implemented the recommended changes. It is now up to us to make those changes to our organisation, as we are committed to moving our sport forward and establishing cricket as a sport for all Americans.”

Dale Neuburger, Director, TSE Consulting North America, stated: "It is never easy to let external consultants come in and make recommendations that may lead to significant change. USACA, and everyone we spoke with during the preparation of this Report, was committed to promoting transparency and objectivity in all phases of the review. USACA worked hard to be inclusive and to solicit input from all segments of the cricketing community. Thus, we have been able to deliver a report that can have a positive impact on the future success of cricket in the United States. This is the first step in a longer process of change for the USACA, and we are glad to have been a part of it."