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USA Cricket: USACA misses ratification deadline

2014 Aug 22 by DreamCricket USA

A week after voting was supposed to be held on the constitution and implementation plan, the USACA website remains silent on the status of the ratification.

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A week after voting was supposed to be held on the constitution and implementation plan, the USACA website remains silent on the status of the ratification.  In an e-mailed communication, a board member of USACA noted that feedback was gathered from the attendees, including WICB and ICC, and drafting of the constitution was in progress.  

USACA board, in a meeting held on June 19th, approved a formal timeline for 'final design, discussion and ratification' of the new constitution.  According to the timeline, the Implementation Committee had to submit its final recommendations to the board by July 4 and USACA board had set itself a date of July 16 for delivery of the final recommendations.   A series of townhall meetings were to be held between July 16 and August 10.   The process was to culminate in a voting that was to be held at a special general meeting (SGM) on August 16 in Florida.

USACA had anticipated that "80% and more of US leagues and teams that are members of USACA will have the opportunity to ratify and potentially give inputs on the constitution."   Despite repeated requests, USACA never published a list of good standing leagues that were eligible to vote at the SGM and USACA's website still lists three board positions as 'currently vacant.' 

This is not the first time that USACA has missed a self-imposed deadline regarding governance.   Brian Walters, who was USACA's Chairman of Governance Review Committee, said in October 2013, "Our objective is to have a recommendation by the end of the month that reflects the common themes from the feedback received throughout this process and to go forward with this recommendation to the AGM on the 16th of November (2013) for ratification by the members."   

At the November 2013 AGM, USACA opted not to ratify any changes preferring to form a Governance Implementation Committee. USACA President Gladstone Dainty said: "It is planned that any changes requiring constitutional change will be ready by summer 2014."  Following Walters' resignation in March of 2014 from the Implementation Committee frustrated by the lack of 'real, tangible change,' USACA reiterated its commitment to organize a vote on a new constitution by Summer.  

A new timeline has not yet been published but it is a certainty that it will be looked at with even greater skepticism whenever it is published.  

Back in February 5, 2013, in an opinion piece published on DreamCricket.com about the work of the governance review committee, Venu Palaparthi wrote: "Without a doubt, a report will be produced [by a committee or a consultant] and the board will announce that it will consider the report’s recommendations at the next board meeting, in 100 days or never. In this manner, USACA will assuage the anger of the few who care in the near term and perhaps placate the ICC as well."  

Later that same month, on February 23, 2013, when USACA announced the independent governance review, Venu Palaparthi wrote:  "By the time TSE submits its independent report, the present USACA board would have completed half its term. USACA will most likely be entering a new election cycle by the time TSE's recommendations are accepted and acted upon."

Both these predictions have more or less come true.