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USA Cricket: USACA provides update on 100 Day Plan

2012 Oct 08 by DreamCricket USA

USACA will be conducting a national Men's Tournament within 75 days of the date of this press release.

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[USACA Media Release; October 5th, 2012]


The following is a summary of the progress that the United Statesof America Cricket Association (USACA) is making toward fulfillment of its 100 day plan, first published in May of 2012.


  • The CEO Search Committee has been assembled; it consists of Gladstone Dainty, Tim Anderson (ICC Global Development Manager), Ahmed Jeddy, Hassan Khan, and Sunil Kumar.
  • Out of well over 100 applicants, 5 finalists have been selected.
  • It is anticipated that, after a thorough, in-depth interviewing and vetting process, a final candidate will be selected by the 19th of October, 2012.

Picture (Right): Plan Stages Diagram accompanying the Press Release.  Legend - Stage 1 - Red - Initiation; Stage 2 - Yellow - Committees; Stage 3 - Purple - Plan Budget; Stage 4 - Green - Plan in Play; Stage 5 - Black - Effect of Plan.


  • The Governance Review Committee has been assembled; it consists of Brian Walters (USACA Central West Regional Representative); John Thickett (USACA Treasurer); Jon Long (head of Executive Programs at the ICC); Nigel Melville (president/CEO of US Rugby); and Kevin Hussain (president of Connecticut Cricket League).
  • An RFP has been written and distributed to several entities with direct experience in the governance review process.
  • Input has been obtained from several sources, including people who have been involved in governance reviews of Cricket Australia, Cricket Ireland, New Zealand Cricket, US Rugby, and others.
  • One response has been received by the Governance Review Committee, and is being reviewed; a minimum of 5 more are expected to be received by the 25thof October, 2012.


  • An acting committee of six to eight candidates from a pool of 18 US league presidents and cricket academy CEOs has been formed.
  • The committee mandate is to focus on a complete eco system for youth cricket in the US- from introducing the game to coaching and developing new players.
  • Formal funding has been allocated in the amount of $65,000.
  • Women’s cricket remains a priority; plans are in place to conduct a women’s tournament in the near future. Currently, that initiative is being handled by the committee.


  • USACA’s current website mentions new coverage via ESPN for cricket in the US.
  • The T20 World Cup, currently televised on ESPN3 in all US markets, has been a tremendous success.
  • A communications consultant isin the process of being hired to media train and manage outreach to formal and informal media channels.
  • An entire review of all media relations, ESPN included, will be one of the primary focus areas of the new CEO.


  • The compliance committee is in place, and moving forward on its objectives.
  • The activities of the committee are currently awaiting full board approval.


  • The administrative function was identified as one of the core items; our expectation is that with the hiring of the new CEO, this function will befully under control.
  • Coaching is a priority going forward; coaching sessions andhigh performance clinics will be conducted by Robin Singh within 45 days from the date of this press release.
  • Preparation continues for the Division 3 Tournament, to be conducted in Bermuda in April 2013, as well as the ICC World Cup qualifiers and the Under-19 Tournament in the summer of that same year. It is expected that the preparation will be complete within 45 days from the date of this press release. This preparation includes:
    • Solidifying the locations for conducting matches and practice/coaching sessions
    • Ensuring that the strategy for all tournaments is consistent with the goals of each team.
  • USACA will be conducting a national Men’s Tournament within 75 days of the date of this press release.