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USA Cricket: WICB involvement in USACA not a symbolic act - Michael Gale

2014 May 13 by DreamCricket USA

USACA and WICB announced a partnership that the two organizations said was designed to help build the three foundations for a successful US cricketing market: high performance development, models for economic growth and modern day governance.

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On May 7, 2014, USACA and WICB announced a partnership that the two organizations said was designed to help build the three foundations for a successful US cricketing market: high performance development, models for economic growth and modern day governance.

DreamCricket.com reached out to Michael Gale, 1st Vice President of USACA, and Mascelles Bailey, USACA Secretary, to find out more about the partnership.

"The partnership is about development and the benefit is that we will acquire expertise from a Tier 1 cricket nation," Mr. Gale told DreamCricket.com.  WICB will not make any monetary contributions to USACA as part of the deal, Mr. Gale clarified.

Responding to a question on how this was different from the assistance provided by New Zealand Cricket and Cricket Australia in recent times, Mr. Gale said whereas NZC is a CHALLC stake holder, WICB is directly engaging with USACA.  USACA's engagement with Cricket Australia was a more of a casual partnership, Mr. Gale said.

According to the joint media release, as part of the partnership, a member of the WICB Board of Directors will sit on the USACA board and USACA's CEO will have a position on the WICB's Chief Executive Committee. 

When asked whether WICB had nominated a person to the USACA board, Mr. Gale said that he expected the WICB representative to rotate.  "The WICB representative will be embedded into our discussions about governance and development," Mr. Gale said.  On the subject of whether USACA would name a representative to sit on the Chief Executive Committee, Mascelles Bailey, USACA Secretary, said that the new CEO would be that person. He did not expect USACA to name a representative in the interim.

Gale said that the influence and support of WICB would be invaluable as USACA begins its work on governance changes.   "This is not a symbolic act," Mr. Gale said, emphasizing that WICB's guidance would be sought continuously. 

WICB President Mr. Whycliffe 'Dave' Cameron said, “This is the right way for us to help develop the US market. We are going to be engaged on a day-to-day basis on the three core pillars for development. The closeness of a full member country to the US means we can easily help develop pinnacle performance in US players as well as build a stronger base for economic development hand-in-hand with USACA.”

"In the coming weeks and months, we will be looking at TSE's recommendations that need to be processed and cooking them in a correct way.  WICB's involvement will result in a faster and better cooking process," Mr. Gale said.  "WICB has a lot of experience in dealing with a complex set of island nations and players from disparate playing cultures," he noted.

Besides help with management and governance structures, the partnership is expected to provide a launchpad for top US cricketers.   WICB President Mr. Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron commented: “We will rapidly build plans and open up infrastructure for bringing top US players into the West Indian development system."

When asked whether West Indies would send a team or observers to the US National Championships in Indianapolis, Mr. Gale said that there were no plans currently.