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USACA reaches settlement with CCA and Varadarajan. Buch to spearhead USACA's youth initiative.

2012 Jul 16 by DreamCricket USA

USACA announced on July 13th that it had reached a settlement in the legal matter involving Ram Varadarajan and CCA as plaintiffs.

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[Source:  USACA Press Release]

USACA announced on July 13th that it had reached a settlement in the legal matter involving Ram Varadarajan and CCA as plaintiffs. 

As our readers will remember, on April 13, the US District Court - Northern District of California, denied a preliminary injunction against the April 14th elections on procedural grounds.  In its ruling, the court noted that CCA had no standing to represent other member leagues and that Ram Varadarajan had not clearly shown that he had a legally protected interest.  

Following the ruling, the plaintiffs filed an appeal on May 15, 2012 in the US Court of Appeals.   It was also reported that the clerk had scheduled a case management conference on July 25th. 

According to USACA's press release, under the terms of the settlement agreement with Buch and Varadarajan, these complaints would be withdrawn and both sides would 'work cooperatively to advance cricket in America.'  

In the press release, Gladstone Dainty, President of USACA, was full of praise for Buch and Varadarajan: “We are pleased to have the legal matters closed, so that we can focus all our energies and resources on rebuilding USACA and US cricket." 

"There is plenty of work to be done and we are happy to have the help of dedicated and upstanding individuals like Mr. Ram Varadarajan and Mr. Hemant Buch,” Dainty said.

As widely rumored, USACA simultaneously announced that Hemant Buch has been appointed to spearhead USACA's youth initiative.  Buch (pictured above), the co-founder of CCA, was quoted as saying: “I am honored to have the platform within USACA to realize my passion to bring cricket to the youth of America.”

Ram Varadarajan, who has maintained a low profile in the aftermath of his defeat in the controversial April 14th election, was quoted as saying: “I am proud to have led a seminal movement to awaken the conscience of all cricket loving folks in America and beyond. I am optimistic that the impact of my actions will continue to guide USACA and all cricket bodies in the highest standards of service, transparency and governance. I will remain a servant of cricket and will engage constructively with USACA to help cricket thrive in America.” 

The USACA press release also noted that the negotiations were coordinated by the new Executive Secretary Kenwyn S. Williams.   According to the release, Williams worked tirelessly to have the parties resolve their differences.