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USYCA seeks volunteers

2012 Aug 13 by DreamCricket USA

US Youth Cricket Association launched its junior cricket pilot program in Maryland during 2012.

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[Source: USYCA Media Release]

US Youth Cricket Association launched its junior cricket pilot program in Maryland during 2012.   The new junior cricket programs, almost completely filled with children new to cricket, are now up and running under local leadership, and preparing themselves for a new Maryland junior cricket league in 2013.

USYCA has plans to replicate this program in communities across the United States in 2013, starting with areas that have, or will have, received significant numbers of free cricket sets from USYCA for their local schools.

USYCA has developed a detailed blueprint that will act as a roadmap for those developing new programs next year.  Of course, USYCA is also ready to provide comprehensive assistance to local volunteers at all stages of program development.  USYCA has targeted the cities of Winston-Salem, NC; Charlotte, NC; Greensboro, NC; Indianapolis, IN; Omaha, NE; Frisco, TX; Lewisville, TX; Groton, CT; Boston, MA; Richmond, VA;  Fairfax, VA; Arlington, VA; Portsmouth, VA; Sterling, VA; St. Charles, MO; Columbia, MD; and Pottstown, PA.    USYCA is open to including other cities in the 2013 program.  

USYCA realizes that these new programs will need local volunteers if they are to succeed.  Cricket players and fans who would like to play a foundational role in the future of cricket in the United States should contact USYCA by emailing info@usyca.org