Gulu Ezekiel's Blog - BCCI visits an optometrist. Sees 20/20.

2006 Aug 07 by

BCCI is now mentally prepared to sit back and enjoy 20/20.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India finally agreed to enter the 20/20 era, albeit dragged in by the ICC kicking and screaming.

The BCCI recently announced that they would be introducing the format in the current season with the inaugural tournament schedule for April 2007.

A major reason for this is the inaugural 20/20 World Cup scheduled to be held in South Africa in September next year. The BCCI was overwhelmingly out-voted at the ICC when it opposed this event.

Incidentally, India's women cricketers the other day had their first taste of 20/20 international cricket when they thrashed England by 8 wickets.

The men's team has yet to make its international debut.

It has already been a huge hit in England, Pakistan, South Africa and the West Indies. It has though its critics both among current and former players. Navjot Singh Sidhu refers to it as 'underwear cricket' and Harbhajan Singh claims bowlers will be massacred.

The Indian domestic scene though needs a major revamp. Three and four-day matches hardly attract a handful of spectators, not even the Ranji Trophy final.

Is 20/20 therefore the answer to the lack of interest in Indian domestic cricket? And will the format prove to be a hit in India?

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