Gulu Ezekiel's Blog: Wright is right

2006 Jul 31 by

Attacking Wright for his views on this is like shooting the messenger!

John Wright's contribution to Indian cricket has perhaps been underestimated. He formed a brilliant partnership with Captain Sourav Ganguly from 2001 to 2004.

John Wright Speaks Out

His book being released in New Zealand on Tuesday has created a storm in India. The two main issues which have stirred things up are his attack on the regional system of selecting teams in India and his comment that Ganguly deserved to go towards the end of his stint as coach.

Naturally enough the selectors who were around when he was coach have defended themselves. Wright has done well to clarify that he is against the system and not individuals.

India in fact is the only cricket playing country where the selection panel is chosen from the five regions. This automatically leads to parochialism and regionalism and has been debated for decades. Attacking Wright for his views on this is like shooting the messenger!

His opinion on Ganguly's departure is an eye-opener. There has and still is a huge debate about this. Wright is about as neutral an observer as you can get on the issue and his views need to be at least heard if not respected.

Coming as it does on the eve of the CAB elections with Ganguly turning on his benefactor, Jagmohan Dalmiya, it is more relevant than ever.

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