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Welcome to Cavalier Cricket Club Team

One of the most consistently dominant teams in the history of ACA. Still a force to reckon with. Like they say, the road to the championship goes through the CAVS.

Upcoming Games

Game DateTypeTeam1Team2DivisionUmpiresGround Name
10/26/2014 9:00 AMLeagueTavsCavaliersDivision A Chandler 1
11/02/2014 9:00 AMLeagueCavaliersTGRDivision A Chandler 1
11/09/2014 1:00 AMLeagueSpartansCavaliersDivision A Snedigar Sports Comp

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Top Players (current season, all tournaments, all league games)

Batting / Fielding

IdPlayer NameMINORHSAvgSR10050CTST
22446Syed Irfan Shakeel110707070.0084.0001  
12979Ketan Panchal (VC)110282828.0093.0000  
236596Niranjan Dravid†110242424.00133.0000  
242892Ankit Aggarwal111151515.0075.0000  
13317Suheb Tariq110141414.0073.0000  
240228Tanay Chafekar110888.0040.0000  
240201Kathan Pandya110333.0042.0000  
242893Vivek Kumar110111.0010.0000  
12911Sunny Desai*110111.0014.0000  
12914Amar Dhamdhere110000.000.0000  
12923Sharat Kanaka110000.000.0000  


IdPlayers NameOversMRWBBI5W10WAvgSRECO
242893Vivek Kumar5.001855/18103.606.003.60
242892Ankit Aggarwal2.301433/14004.674.677.00
12923Sharat Kanaka3.01815/43108.0018.002.67