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Process followed by ACA Disciplinary committee

Ever wondered what is the process followed by the Disciplinary committee? READ ON.

  1. ACA executive committee receives umpire’s report or a report from any of the captains
  2. This report is sent as it is to both the teams for their response. 2 days are given to the teams to respond.
  3. Based on the umpires report, Disciplinary committee chair picks violations and prepares a concise report, along with all the responses from all the teams and the umpire.
  4. Such report is sent to the Disciplinary committee.
  5. Disciplinary committee (committee made of the people outside of ACA executive committee) gives their recommendations and votes based on the disciplinary guidelines.
  6. All violations, which are not approved by the disciplinary committee and dropped.
  7. ACA executive committee (excluding the Chairman) votes on all the approved violations. It has to be approved by 2/3 ( 5 out of 7) of the votes for a violation to get approved.
  8. Violations report is sent to the teams involved and is published on the ACA website under Rules section.