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Office Bearers


2014 Executive Committee 

President Pragnesh Patel (848) 228-1224
Vice President Shahzada Saleem (732) 986-6347
Secretary Sagar Solat (732) 589-0830
Treasurer Niraj Patel (732) 762-0588
Regulations Coordinator  Asghar Kazim (732) 735-3204
Scheduling Coordinator Keyur Dave (732) 306-7468
Umpiring Coordinator Dimpal Patel (848) 391-7552



The President shall preside at all meetings of the CLNJ. He shall exercise a general supervision over all affairs of the CLNJ. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and sub-committees. He shall have the power to cast a deciding vote in case of a tie. He shall also require performing other such duties as needed.

Vice President

 The Vice-President of Operations will be responsible for managing and maintaining leagues operations. That includes Season Scheduling, dispute management and Umpires training/scheduling. The Vice-president will have four direct reports Scheduling coordinator, Dispute management coordinator and two umpiring coordinators. The vice-president will also be responsible for selecting and managing Team CLNJ. That includes holding selection camp, if needed.


 The Secretary will be responsible of keeping an accurate record of league (AGM’s) and EC meeting minutes. The Secretary will be responsible of all the communication to and from the league members and member clubs. The Secretary shall also maintain an accurate record of all active members registered with all active member clubs. The Secretary will represent CLNJ to higher cricketing authorities such as USACA. The Secretary will keep track of all the trophy winners through out the year. The Secretary will be responsible of updating and maintaining all the CLNJ documents that include the constitution, By Laws, Registration form and code of conduct. The Secretary will be responsible of maintaining the CLNJ web site and resolving all web related issues. League teams shall contact the secretary for all roster related problems.


The Treasurer shall keep correct records of CLNJ accounts, finances and taxes, including an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements, assets, liabilities and retained earnings, and report the same as directed by the Board of Directors. At the start of the calendar season, he shall prepare and submit a budget for the season to the Board of Directors. He shall file proper, adequate and complete tax returns if required as per federal, state and city laws with league tax accountant. In addition, he shall be responsible for maintaining the annual status of the CLNJ as a Non-profit Association, registered with the State of New Jersey under the appropriate sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

Regulations Coordinator 

The Regulations coordinator will be responsible of investigating breaches in the CLNJ Code of Conduct and penalizing the offenders according to procedures outlined in the Code of Conduct document. He will be responsible of preparing a list of disciplinary infractions and associated penalties/bans/fines and submit a report to the Executive Committee on weekly basis. He will also be responsible of representing his judgments to the appeal panel, if his judgments are challenged.

Scheduling Coordinator

The Scheduling coordinator will prepare and present the fixtures for the calendar season. The Scheduling coordinator will also be responsible publishing and maintaining the warm up, season and playoff schedule.

Umpiring Coordinator

 The Umpiring coordinators shall exercise control of the selection and scheduling of umpires for all CLNJ matches during the calendar season. They will also examine and pass upon the qualifications of those who desire to become CLNJ umpires. In addition, they will be responsible for maintaining up-to-date win-loss, batting and bowling statistical records of all active member clubs and members during the season. 

Marketing and Public Relation

The Director of Marketing shall maintain liaison with the press and furnish members of the press with CLNJ and cricket-related events. The Director of Marketing shall also be responsible for organizing special CLNJ events such as year end CLNJ evening/ trophy ceremony, CLNJ final, CLNJ AGM’s. In addition, he will actively seek sponsorships for the CLNJ and coordinate all attempts at gaining sponsor ships for the CLNJ. The Director of Marketing will also be responsible for all the communications out side of the league.