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Score Card

Match # 5925
New Jersey City Cricket Club v/s Monroe Cavaliers
Lincoln Park
05/20/2012(35-over match)


Cavaliers Won New Jersey City Cricket Club:188/8 in 35.0 Monroe Cavaliers:189/1 in 30.4


Match reduced to 35 overs after late start due to ground availability conflict with morning baseball game on same multi-purpose field. Superb opening spell (4-0-17-3) by left-arm swing bowler Srinivas set NJCCC immediately back at 25/3 in the 7th over. Somerset Cavs left arm spinner Harpal came on and took three more in the best bowling spell of the match reducing NJCCC to 93/7 in 22nd. Harpal had figures of 6-0-16-3 before expensive final over. Dhawal and Ketan produced solid fightback with 87-run partnership for 8th wicket to give NJCCC a chance. In second innings, Vaibhav & Shavinda produced 130-run stand to open chase putting Somerset Cavs on the way to victory. Mehul Patel of NJCCC removed from attack by umpire after 2.5 overs after multiple no-balls above waist height. Shavinda played a series of impressive square drives through and behind point in his 67. Vaibhav stayed to the end, batting whole innings on one leg after injuring knee as a result of collision with teammate in the field on the long on boundary.


New Jersey City Cricket Club


PeterDella Penna

Man of the Match

1.Jay Sorathiya
2.Telge Shavinda Peiris
New Jersey City Cricket Club Innings
(35 overs maximum)
Gunjan ShahBowled Srinivas Reddy0000
Dhaval (DP) PatelBowled Srinivas Reddy1000
Jay SorathiyaLBW Harpal Raol43080
MEHUL R PATELBowled Srinivas Reddy5000
Vipul R. PatelLBW Harpal Raol9010
Sandeep. PatelBowled Harpal Raol18040
Niket PatelBowled Mustafa Fayyaz1000
Dhawal PatelNot Out  35032
Ketan Z PatelCaughtAldrin RegoRaghuveer Maan34013
Harish PatelNot Out  1000
Paras ShahDid not bat  0000


(b 14, lb 1, w 18, nb 0)


(8 wickets in 35.0 overs) 188


1-2 (Gunjan, 0.2 ov),2-19 (Dhaval (DP), 4.2 ov),3-25 (MEHUL, 6.1 ov),4-56 (Vipul R., 13.3 ov),5-91 (Jay, 19.2 ov),6-92 (Niket, 20.4 ov),7-93 (Sandeep., 21.1 ov),8-180 (Ketan Z, 33.5 ov),9-0 (, 0.0 ov)
Srinivas Reddy700363
Krunal - Patel401150
Bilal Fayyaz701340
Raj Godavarthy200150
Harpal Raol700253
Mustafa Fayyaz500321
Raghuveer Maan300151
Monroe CavaliersInnings
(target : 189 runs from 35.0 overs)
Vaibhav VartakNot Out  68100121
Telge Shavinda PeirisCaughtGunjan ShahJay Sorathiya675884
Bilal FayyazNot Out  222930
Aldrin RegoDid not bat  0000
Harpal RaolDid not bat  0000
Mustafa FayyazDid not bat  0000
Raghuveer MaanDid not bat  0000
Raj GodavarthyDid not bat  0000
Ritesh R PatelDid not bat  0000
Srinivas ReddyDid not bat  0000
Krunal - PatelDid not bat  0000


(b 0, lb 0, w 25, nb 7)


(1 wickets in 30.4 overs) 189


1-130 (Telge Shavinda, 19.3 ov),2-0 (, 0.0 ov),3-0 (, 0.0 ov),4-0 (, 0.0 ov),5-0 (, 0.0 ov),6-0 (, 0.0 ov),7-0 (, 0.0 ov),8-0 (, 0.0 ov),9-0 (, 0.0 ov)
Ketan Z Patel401150
Vipul R. Patel01000
Dhaval (DP) Patel702150
Paras Shah540360
Harish Patel300350
Sandeep. Patel100120
Jay Sorathiya500301
Niket Patel200150