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Score Card

Match # 5966
Hightstown Cricket Club v/s Royal Albert Cricket Club
Mercer County Park - Pitch 1
06/10/2012(40-over match)


racc Won Hightstown Cricket Club:200/7 in 40.0 Royal Albert Cricket Club:201/6 in 33.5


The game was played with lot of passion under scortching sun and humidity. HCC had a great start which was build in subsequent overs by Anuj and Dinesh. Excellent bowling spell by the spinners from RACC to contain HCC to 200 for 7 in 40 overs. The chase from RACC began on a positive note, but lost too many quick wickets in the middle. The innings was steadied by partnership between Nadeem and Sanjaya and again betwen Nadeem and Ishtiaque. After the important breakthrough of Nadeem wicket, Ishtiaque and Rashid batted to reach the target in 33.5 overs.


Hightstown Cricket Club



Man of the Match

1.Anuj Sharma
2.Ishtiaq Hussain
Hightstown Cricket Club Innings
(40 overs maximum)
Sanjay RananavreCaught Shamsul Haq19021
Anuj SharmaRun Out  66080
Rohin RanaCaught sanjay pandya13010
Dinesh ChandrasekaranBowled Ishtiaq Hussain36040
Ranvir SinghNot Out  25030
Balaji MuraliCaught Ishtiaq Hussain7000
Sanjeev SukhijaStumped Charnjiv Sohi (Sunny)4010
Kapil BathamCaught Ishtiaq Hussain1000
Akshay PatelDid not bat  0000
Venkatraman KrishnanDid not bat  0000
Prashant SaxenaDid not bat  0000


(b 0, lb 6, w 23, nb 0)


(7 wickets in 40.0 overs) 200


1-49 (Sanjay, 0.0 ov),2-71 (Rohin, 0.0 ov),3-163 (Anuj, 0.0 ov),4-163 (Dinesh, 0.0 ov),5-183 (Balaji, 0.0 ov),6-188 (Sanjeev, 0.0 ov),7-195 (Kapil, 0.0 ov),8-0 (, 0.0 ov),9-0 (, 0.0 ov)
rashid bhai ali400180
Shahid Khan400160
Shamsul Haq300131
nadeembhai sajid200150
sanjay pandya800261
Ahmad Manzoor300190
Charnjiv Sohi (Sunny)800381
Ishtiaq Hussain801413
Royal Albert Cricket ClubInnings
(target : 201 runs from 40.0 overs)
Abdullah FarooqBowled Rohin Rana38042
Charnjiv Sohi (Sunny)CaughtSanjeev SukhijaSanjeev Sukhija9010
nipul patelBowled Sanjeev Sukhija13010
Shahid KhanCaughtRohin RanaRohin Rana0000
sanjay pandyaCaughtRanvir SinghRohin Rana9010
nadeembhai sajidLBW Dinesh Chandrasekaran46041
Ishtiaq HussainNot Out  28020
rashid bhai aliNot Out  18020
Shamsul HaqDid not bat  0000
Ahmad ManzoorDid not bat  0000
nauman irshadDid not bat  0000


(b 1, lb 5, w 33, nb 1)


(6 wickets in 33.5 overs) 201


1-21 (Charnjiv, 0.0 ov),2-71 (Abdullah, 0.0 ov),3-73 (Shahid, 0.0 ov),4-83 (nipul, 0.0 ov),5-116 (sanjay, 0.0 ov),6-148 (nadeembhai, 0.0 ov),7-0 (, 0.0 ov),8-0 (, 0.0 ov),9-0 (, 0.0 ov)
Balaji Murali400250
Sanjeev Sukhija800512
Dinesh Chandrasekaran550561
Rohin Rana802213
Sanjay Rananavre501220
Kapil Batham100100
Anuj Sharma200100