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Score Card

Match # 6017
Jersey Eagles Cricket Club v/s Tigers Cricket Club
Far Hills (Astro Turf)
06/24/2012(40-over match)


JECC Won Jersey Eagles Cricket Club:260/6 in 40.0 Tigers Cricket Club:240/10 in 37.0


Both teams need to work on their over rates. Tigers had to hustle during their last 10 to barely squeeze 40 inside 3 hours. Intone Eagles fielding second took 3 and a half hours to bowl 37 overs. Tigers paid for poor fielding in 1st innings. Dhanu was dropped 1st ball at fine leg off a skied, top-edged pull and went on to make 68. Shekhar bowled superb spell at end of match to win game for Intone Eagles. Sixth wicket partnership between Mohammed Parves and Ruhul Khan looked like it would take Tigers to win, only 43 needed in 9 overs with 5 wickets in hand. Parves caught inside long on boundary in 32nd over going for 7th 6 sparked collapse.


Jersey Eagles Cricket Club


PeterDella Penna

Man of the Match

1.Shekhar Vajjhal
2.Mohammed. Parves
Jersey Eagles Cricket Club Innings
(40 overs maximum)
Dilip KovuriBowled Ratul Habib405031
Dhanushka HaputhanthriCaughtRuhul KhanRuhul Khan686633
Niladhar RaoBowled Barun Dey517960
Nagarjun AletiCaughtMohammed. ParvesJabed Ahmed402920
Chinmay BhatCaughtMohammed Ahmed (Abdullah)Jabed Ahmed161121
Pavan ReddyCaughtRuhul KhanJabed Ahmed0200
Swapnil VeerNot Out  4300
Murali VijjapurapuNot Out  0000
Bala DevarajanDid not bat  0000
Shekhar VajjhalDid not bat  0000
Lahiru RathnayakeDid not bat  0000


(b 0, lb 8, w 34, nb 0)


(6 wickets in 40.0 overs) 260


Remon Islam701310
Ruhul Khan700501
Ratul Habib800411
Afzal Hussain.500400
Saki Chowdhury300180
Jabed Ahmed500363
Barun Dey500361
Tigers Cricket ClubInnings
(target : 261 runs from 40.0 overs)
Remon IslamCaughtShekhar VajjhalChinmay Bhat334612
Mohammed Ahmed (Abdullah)CaughtDilip KovuriNiladhar Rao21200
Tanim UddinLBW Shekhar Vajjhal3400
Afzal Hussain.CaughtBala DevarajanMurali Vijjapurapu233302
Ratul HabibCaughtNagarjun AletiDhanushka Haputhanthri224200
Mohammed. ParvesCaughtDhanushka HaputhanthriChinmay Bhat685236
Ruhul KhanBowled Shekhar Vajjhal332613
Jabed AhmedBowled Shekhar Vajjhal2800
Barun DeyNot Out  4800
Saki ChowdhuryBowled Shekhar Vajjhal2500
Hadis Kais ChowdhuryBowled Shekhar Vajjhal0500


(b 0, lb 5, w 42, nb 1)


(10 wickets in 37.0 overs) 240


Murali Vijjapurapu801321
Lahiru Rathnayake500370
Niladhar Rao10091
Shekhar Vajjhal500205
Chinmay Bhat600382
Dhanushka Haputhanthri700621
Dilip Kovuri500370