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Score Card

Match # 6050
South Gujarat Cricket Club v/s Freedom Cricket Club
Laurel Hill County Park
07/08/2012(40-over match)


SGCC Won South Gujarat Cricket Club:221/9 in 40.0 Freedom Cricket Club:141/10 in 29.0


Freedom CC did not complete their innings until 2:47 p.m., 3 hours 47 minutes after scheduled 11 a.m. start. Despite several extra allowances being given for 10 minute late start due to Freedom requesting to change a player in their starting XI moments before the first ball was bowled and after the toss had been conducted, 2 extra drinks breaks due to the heat, searching for lost cricket balls, batsman injury and cutting a birthday cake which extended the last drinks break, umpire was forced to penalize Freedom two overs for a slow over rate. Uday Patel was dropped by the WK in the second over, went on to play match winning 73 for SGCC.


South Gujarat Cricket Club


PeterDella Penna

Man of the Match

1.Uday Patel
2.Prashant Patel (Paso)
South Gujarat Cricket Club Innings
(40 overs maximum)
Priyesh ShahCaughtHiren( tino) PatelPrashant Patel (Paso)38013
Uday PatelBowled Jignesh Bhatt ( Bhattji )73090
Rahul PatelRun OutRaju Jasani 13010
Hiten PatelCaughtamaar pawarChintan Patel5000
Kapil KhannaLBW Raju Jasani34020
Vimal LadRun OutHiren( tino) Patel 21000
Ranchhod PrajapatiBowled Raju Jasani0000
Jaymin GoswamiRun OutHiren( tino) Patel 19010
Rikish PatelStumpedHiren( tino) PatelKeval Patel ( Bikho )0000
Maulik ZalavadiaNot Out  1000
Harshit PatelDid not bat  0000


(b 1, lb 4, w 10, nb 2)


(9 wickets in 40.0 overs) 221


Amin Jasani601330
Bharat Patel400260
Prashant Patel (Paso)400191
Keval Patel ( Bikho )801321
Raju Jasani500362
Chintan Patel800481
Jignesh Bhatt ( Bhattji )600221
Freedom Cricket ClubInnings
(target : 222 runs from 38.0 overs)
Raju JasaniCaughtKapil KhannaHiten Patel0000
Hiren( tino) PatelCaughtUday PatelRikish Patel22021
Prashant Patel (Paso)CaughtMaulik ZalavadiaJaymin Goswami55071
Nikhil Patel ( Nick )Bowled Rikish Patel0000
Manish SoniCaughtRanchhod PrajapatiVimal Lad12001
Jignesh Bhatt ( Bhattji )Run Out  0000
Keval Patel ( Bikho )CaughtRahul PatelJaymin Goswami8000
Chintan PatelLBW Jaymin Goswami16010
Amin JasaniNot Out  4000
Bharat PatelCaughtPriyesh ShahHarshit Patel0000
amaar pawarBowled Jaymin Goswami1000


(b 8, lb 5, w 10, nb 0)


(10 wickets in 29.0 overs) 141


Hiten Patel500231
Vimal Lad500241
Rikish Patel800402
Harshit Patel500221
Rahul Patel10070
Jaymin Goswami500124