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Score Card

Match # 6119
Indians Cricket Club v/s South Gujarat Cricket Club
Laurel Hill County Park
07/29/2012(40-over match)


SGCC Won Indians Cricket Club:91/10 in 34.4 South Gujarat Cricket Club:94/5 in 19.5


Excellent spell by Harshit Patel to take 5, had figures of 7-3-9-5 at one point. Indians fought hard in the field to make a small target somewhat tricky for SGCC, but in the end not enough runs on the board for Indians to defend. Kudos to Indians CC for keeping one of the most accurate/almost error-free scorecards of the season of any team. More teams should learn to score like them!


Indians Cricket Club


PeterDella Penna

Man of the Match

1.Vishal D Patel
2.Harshit Patel
Indians Cricket Club Innings
(40 overs maximum)
Karthikraj SriramCaughtRahul PatelHiten Patel31100
Chintan ModiCaughtRahul PatelJaymin Goswami214700
Manoj CharatiBowled Harshit Patel153401
Jay V PatelCaughtKapil KhannaHarshit Patel11700
Vishal D PatelCaughtHarshit PatelRikish Patel375611
Ketul PatelCaughtKapil KhannaHarshit Patel0400
Chintan DesaiCaughtVimal LadHarshit Patel1900
Anuj JainLBW Harshit Patel0100
Arun SharmaCaughtUday PatelJaymin Goswami0700
Kapil JoshiRun OutHarshit PatelMehul Goswami32200
Abhisheka DalalNot Out  0000


(b 1, lb 1, w 8, nb 0)


(10 wickets in 34.4 overs) 91


1-8 (Karthikraj, 4.1 ov),2-39 (Manoj, 13.1 ov),3-42 (Jay, 17.3 ov),4-46 (Chintan, 18.4 ov),5-48 (Ketul, 19.6 ov),6-54 (Chintan, 23.4 ov),7-54 (Anuj, 23.5 ov),8-61 (Arun, 26.2 ov),9-84 (Kapil, 33.3 ov)
Hiten Patel400111
Vimal Lad500140
Rikish Patel340161
Harshit Patel803145
Rahul Patel200120
Jaymin Goswami801122
Mehul Goswami400100
South Gujarat Cricket ClubInnings
(target : 92 runs from 40.0 overs)
Priyesh ShahLBW Karthikraj Sriram34060
Uday PatelCaughtSunay PandyaVishal D Patel3000
Rahul PatelCaughtChintan ModiVishal D Patel1000
Hiten PatelCaughtChintan ModiArun Sharma6001
Kapil KhannaCaughtKapil JoshiKarthikraj Sriram4000
Vishal patelNot Out  29012
Vimal LadNot Out  7000
Rikish PatelDid not bat  0000
Jaymin GoswamiDid not bat  0000
Mehul GoswamiDid not bat  0000
Harshit PatelDid not bat  0000


(b 0, lb 0, w 10, nb 0)


(5 wickets in 19.5 overs) 94


1-19 (Uday, 3.6 ov),2-33 (Rahul, 7.5 ov),3-46 (Priyesh, 10.3 ov),4-52 (Hiten, 11.3 ov),5-68 (Kapil, 16.5 ov),6-0 (, 0.0 ov),7-0 (, 0.0 ov),8-0 (, 0.0 ov),9-0 (, 0.0 ov)
Abhisheka Dalal10080
Vishal D Patel500232
Kapil Joshi350280
Karthikraj Sriram500192
Arun Sharma500161