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Score Card

Match # 7119
NJ Rebels Cricket Club v/s Crescent A Cricket Club
Woodrow Wilson - Pitch 2
05/26/2013(40-over match)


Crescent-A Won NJ Rebels Cricket Club:103/10 in 29.4 Crescent A Cricket Club:106/7 in 31.2


tight game, unpredictable bounce, newark bowled brilliantly as a unit and did not let any partnership build. Noman attacked but missed out with the wickets and his spell with Nasir choked the runs and got wickets. Adnan bowled brilliantly and cleaned up the tail. Stars just could not get going and made the 104 seem like 204 to chase. Batting, Newark stubled with an early wicket and the 2nd wicket 53 partnership set the foundation for a win. Stars bowlers kept at it, tried their level best and bowled brilliant. if noman/nasir turned up the heat in the first inning, it was saroosh and naeem that did it for stars. 4 dropped catches did not help and Newark cruised to a victory.


Crescent A Cricket Club



Man of the Match

1.Naveed Gul
2.Noman Khan.
NJ Rebels Cricket Club Innings
(40 overs maximum)
Raza AshfaqLBW Kamran Khan8010
Naveed GulCaughtFarhan JavaidIrfan Nasim27032
Adeel KhanCaughtBilal AhmadIrfan Nasim2000
Fahid MahmoodCaughtRaza MuhammadNasir Mehdi24030
Muhammad NaeemCaughtBilal AhmadIrfan Nasim0000
Saroosh NadeemNot Out  16000
Haider Ali ShahLBW Nasir Mehdi12001
Taimoor ImranBowled Nasir Mehdi0000
Mohammad NazimBowled Adnan Nasim3000
Kalim AhmedBowled Adnan Nasim0000
Syed Tauqeer AhmedBowled Adnan Nasim0000


(b 2, lb 2, w 2, nb 0)


(10 wickets in 29.4 overs) 103


1-27 (, 3.1 ov),2-30 (, 5.6 ov),3-43 (, 9.3 ov),4-48 (, 10.4 ov),5-80 (, 20.3 ov),6-98 (, 26.5 ov),7-98 (, 26.6 ov),8-103 (, 29.1 ov),9-103 (, 29.3 ov)
Adnan Nasim44293
Kamran Khan400312
Irfan Nasim601162
Nasir Mehdi801323
Noman Khan.701130
Crescent A Cricket ClubInnings
(target : 104 runs from 40.0 overs)
Umer FarooqCaughtMohammad NazimHaider Ali Shah0000
Bilal AhmadCaughtFahid MahmoodSaroosh Nadeem27040
Waheed ChaudhryBowled Muhammad Naeem22000
Kamran KhanCaughtFahid MahmoodHaider Ali Shah17010
Abdul RahimBowled Muhammad Naeem0000
Adnan NasimNot Out  13020
Farhan JavaidCaughtKalim AhmedAdeel Khan1000
Raza MuhammadBowled Adeel Khan5000
Irfan NasimNot Out  7001
Noman Khan.Did not bat  0000
Nasir MehdiDid not bat  0000


(b 0, lb 0, w 13, nb 0)


(7 wickets in 31.2 overs) 106


Haider Ali Shah620252
Kalim Ahmed300180
Naveed Gul200120
Saroosh Nadeem800191
Muhammad Naeem601132
Adeel Khan601192