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Score Card

Match # 7156
Incredibles Cricket Club v/s Miracle Cricket Club
Thomas Jefferson Middle School #1
06/02/2013(40-over match)


incredibles Won Incredibles Cricket Club:274/10 in 40.0 Miracle Cricket Club:108/10 in 28.6


clinical performance by Incredibles with bat and then ball. lucky to win the toss on a 90 degree weather day with a relatively decent pitch. miracle started well with a quick wicket but let a 100 partnership build that let incredibles[all credit to Sriram and Vinay for their brilliant shot selection] build a good platform. midway, they got 2 quick wickets but another 50 run partnership let the batsmen come and score at will. 274 is quite a sizable total and miracle will surely rue the dropped catches and extras. bowling, incredibles stuck to an excellent length with pace, excellent line with slow bowling and did not let any batsman settle down. the game slipped out of miracles hands at the rate of the loss of wickets. sriram gets my incredibles player of the match for his shot selection and score. sapan gets my miracle player of the match for his 3 wickets and a fighting 28.


Incredibles Cricket Club



Man of the Match

1.Sriram Raghavan
2.Sapan Sharma
Incredibles Cricket Club Innings
(40 overs maximum)
Sriram RaghavanCaught Mohan Paribrajak706300
Shyam N JayakumarBowled Raju Panchal4800
Vinay DevanathanCaught Mohan Paribrajak555600
Raj SundaramLBW Sapan Sharma393300
Sridhar RamiyengarCaught Darshan Bhatt352500
Dinesh ChandrasekaranBowled Darshan Bhatt201700
Vijay Karthik ThotaBowled Mohan Paribrajak71100
Joy PrakashBowled Sapan Sharma1400
Shantharam SerukurBowled Sapan Sharma4200
C. L. SubramanianNot Out  5600
Hariharan KilakkencherryBowled Mohan Paribrajak9500


(b 0, lb 2, w 22, nb 1)


(10 wickets in 40.0 overs) 274


1-12 (, 2.3 ov),2-146 (, 21.5 ov),3-152 (, 23.6 ov),4-206 (, 31.1 ov),5-239 (, 34.3 ov),6-248 (, 35.4 ov),7-252 (, 36.6 ov),8-257 (, 37.4 ov),9-258 (, 38.1 ov)
Raju Panchal600301
Udit Patel400300
Sapan Sharma800633
Darshan Bhatt800512
Amit Vaghela300260
Mohan Paribrajak600474
Abhijit Shaw200120
Rohan Pandit300150
Miracle Cricket ClubInnings
(target : 275 runs from 40.0 overs)
Rohan PanditCaught C. L. Subramanian31300
Darshan BhattCaught Vinay Devanathan92700
Kunal ChandawallaBowled Hariharan Kilakkencherry21200
Udit PatelCaught Hariharan Kilakkencherry152310
Sapan SharmaBowled Joy Prakash283940
Abhijit ShawCaught Joy Prakash3600
Raju PanchalBowled Sridhar Ramiyengar3500
Purav PanditBowled C. L. Subramanian141702
Amit VaghelaCaught Hariharan Kilakkencherry231711
Mohan ParibrajakBowled C. L. Subramanian1600
Milind PaiNot Out  0500


(b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 0)


(10 wickets in 28.6 overs) 108


1-11 (, 4.5 ov),2-19 (, 8.4 ov),3-20 (, 9.1 ov),4-48 (, 16.3 ov),5-64 (, 19.3 ov),6-71 (, 21.2 ov),7-73 (, 22.3 ov),8-90 (, 25.3 ov),9-98 (, 27.1 ov)
C. L. Subramanian601163
Vijay Karthik Thota40140
Hariharan Kilakkencherry700253
Vinay Devanathan400171
Joy Prakash401272
Sridhar Ramiyengar400201