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Score Card

Match # 7178
Edison Cricket Club v/s Crescent
Thomas Jefferson Middle School # 2
06/09/2013(25-over match)


edison Won Edison Cricket Club:153/9 in 25.0 Crescent:90/10 in 22.5


tough but fun assignment, outfield was damp and there were some puddles around. Edison worked their your know what off to get the outfield reasonably dried and ready to play. game reduced to 25 overs and Crescent won the toss, putting Edison into Bat. not much bounce in the wicket and the outfield had tall grass, converting the singles into dots, 4s into 2s and 2s into 1s. amit blazed thru to 66 playing excellent shots and respecting the ones into the stumps. the opening partnership of 89 runs set the platform for the rest of the players to express themselves for the next 10 overs, to close their inning at 153. Noman stood out exploting the used ball and the wicket generating amazing turn and took 4 wickets. 154 seemed chasable, but Crescent lost wickets consistently and did not have a partnership of over 25 runs. Edison bowled brilliantly, sri/vipul were economical, karthick was reasonably economical, making the first inroad with Steves wicket. bimal/sachin/divyesh bowled slow generating good turn and got wickets between them. Crescent did not give up, tried to give it a go till the end, but the required rate was atronomical and were caught out in the deep to end their innings at 90.





Man of the Match

1.Amit D Patel
2.syed noman hasan
Edison Cricket Club Innings
(25 overs maximum)
Gavish SharmaCaughtBasit - Niazisyed noman hasan274101
Amit D PatelCaughtBasit - NiaziShahzada Saleem665026
Karthick RamaniRun OutEhsan A KhanShahzada Saleem0700
RAJ BHAVASARCaughtSyed Imran Naqvisyed noman hasan1300
Vineet A YadavBowled syed noman hasan7401
Bimal S PatelBowled syed noman hasan0200
Chirag PatelCaughtBasit - NiaziEhsan A Khan241501
Vipul PatelCaughtSteve JonesOmar . Iqbal13801
Sachin PathareRun OutShan E. MuhammadSyed Imran Naqvi2300
Sriram SrinivasanNot Out  1200
Divyesh n PatelNot Out  0000


(b 0, lb 5, w 6, nb 1)


(9 wickets in 25.0 overs) 153


1-89 (Gavish, 14.1 ov),2-96 (Karthick, 14.4 ov),3-97 (RAJ, 15.4 ov),4-107 (Vineet, 17.2 ov),5-107 (Bimal, 17.4 ov),6-109 (Amit, 18.5 ov),7-142 (Vipul, 23.4 ov),8-152 (Sachin, 24.4 ov),9-152 (Chirag, 24.5 ov)
Shan E. Muhammad400160
Ehsan A Khan400341
syed noman hasan501274
Omar . Iqbal500341
Rashid Anjum200120
Shahzada Saleem500241
(target : 154 runs from 25.0 overs)
Shahzada WaseemCaughtVineet A YadavSachin Pathare182201
Steve JonesCaughtGavish SharmaKarthick Ramani71800
Basit - NiaziCaughtVineet A YadavBimal S Patel61300
Mohammad Y SiddiquiCaughtGavish SharmaDivyesh n Patel61000
Omar . IqbalCaughtVineet A YadavDivyesh n Patel0200
Rashid AnjumBowled Bimal S Patel61600
Syed Imran NaqviBowled Sachin Pathare1300
syed noman hasanCaughtVineet A YadavBimal S Patel211202
Shan E. MuhammadStumpedAmit D PatelDivyesh n Patel14602
Ehsan A KhanCaughtRAJ BHAVASARBimal S Patel2400
Shahzada SaleemNot Out  0000


(b 0, lb 5, w 4, nb 0)


(10 wickets in 22.5 overs) 90


1-13 (Steve, 5.3 ov),2-22 (Basit, 8.4 ov),3-41 (Mohammad, 13.1 ov),4-45 (Omar, 14.1 ov),5-45 (Shahzada, 14.3 ov),6-46 (Syed, 15.1 ov),7-66 (Rashid, 19.1 ov),8-87 (Ehsan, 20.6 ov),9-88 (Shan, 22.3 ov)
Sriram Srinivasan30070
Vipul Patel40080
Karthick Ramani401141
Bimal S Patel450184
Sachin Pathare300152
Divyesh n Patel400233