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Score Card

Match # 7368
Jersey Eagles Cricket Club v/s Hightstown Cricket Club
Far Hills (Astro Turf)
08/11/2013(40-over match)


JECC Won Jersey Eagles Cricket Club:174/9 in 40.0 Hightstown Cricket Club:170/10 in 38.5


Close finish. After an early collapse 48/6 Eagles came back strong to put up 174/9 in 40 overs. Which proved to be too much for HCC but last over heroics from Rohit Sharma almost gave HCC a chance. Brave penultime over by Chinmay Bhatt clinch the WIN for Eagles.


Jersey Eagles Cricket Club


Akram Khan (2693)

Man of the Match

1.Dhanushka Haputhanthri
2.Rohit x Sharma
Jersey Eagles Cricket Club Innings
(40 overs maximum)
Srinivas Kiran TummalaCaughtAkshay PatelSarfraj Pagarkar0000
Ananthkrishnan GopalakrishnanCaughtAmar Kumar JainSubhro Gupta8000
Dhanushka HaputhanthriStumpedAnuj SharmaRohit x Sharma82000
Srikanth ThotaCaughtAkshay PatelParul Gulati1000
Nagarjun AletiCaughtAnuj SharmaParul Gulati2000
Siddharth JayakumarBowled Rohit x Sharma0000
Chinmay BhatCaughtAnuj SharmaParul Gulati5000
Dilip KovuriBowled Rohin Rana10000
Venkatesh DonavalliNot Out  41000
Murali VijjapurapuCaughtAmar Kumar JainSarfraj Pagarkar2000
Bala DevarajanNot Out  8000


(b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 4)


(9 wickets in 40.0 overs) 174


1-0 (, 0.0 ov),2-0 (, 0.0 ov),3-0 (, 0.0 ov),4-0 (, 0.0 ov),5-0 (, 0.0 ov),6-0 (, 0.0 ov),7-0 (, 0.0 ov),8-0 (, 0.0 ov),9-0 (, 0.0 ov)
Sarfraj Pagarkar600402
Balaji Murali200150
Subhro Gupta220161
Rohin Rana800331
Parul Gulati801243
Rohit x Sharma802162
Pranav H Desai400210
Amar Kumar Jain14090
Hightstown Cricket ClubInnings
(target : 175 runs from 40.0 overs)
Akshay PatelBowled Venkatesh Donavalli0000
Subhro GuptaCaughtDilip KovuriDhanushka Haputhanthri40000
Parul GulatiBowled Murali Vijjapurapu11000
Rohin RanaCaughtSrinivas Kiran TummalaSiddharth Jayakumar3000
Anuj SharmaLBW Dhanushka Haputhanthri35000
Mandeep S SandhuCaughtSiddharth JayakumarVenkatesh Donavalli9000
Pranav H DesaiLBW Dhanushka Haputhanthri3000
Rohit x SharmaCaughtNagarjun AletiChinmay Bhat17000
Amar Kumar JainBowled Venkatesh Donavalli5000
Balaji MuraliRun OutDhanushka HaputhanthriSiddharth Jayakumar10000
Sarfraj PagarkarNot Out  6000


(b 1, lb 2, w 24, nb 4)


(10 wickets in 38.5 overs) 170


1-0 (, 0.0 ov),2-0 (, 0.0 ov),3-0 (, 0.0 ov),4-0 (, 0.0 ov),5-0 (, 0.0 ov),6-0 (, 0.0 ov),7-0 (, 0.0 ov),8-0 (, 0.0 ov),9-0 (, 0.0 ov)
Venkatesh Donavalli801243
Siddharth Jayakumar700331
Murali Vijjapurapu801491
Chinmay Bhat450241
Dhanushka Haputhanthri802173
Dilip Kovuri300200