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How does it work?
You start with DC$ 1,000,000 of virtual cash (DC$ stands for DreamCricket Dollars) which you invest either in the IPOs floated on a regular basis or play around with it in the secondary market.

In an IPO, a specific number of a set of player-stocks is put up for grabs. You are allowed to bid for as many shares as possible (limited by the cash you have of course) at a price within the designated price band.

Secondary market trading happens purely between the users. There's no manipulation of the stock market by the administrators, although a few checks might be put in to ensure that a cartel of users don't manipulate the market.
Much like the stock market, you can buy or sell your player-stock depending on their recent performance on the field. When another user places a complementary bid, the transaction happens. The market price of the player stock is correspondingly adjusted.

You gain more money (cricketing currency) by trading intelligently and by earning weekly dividends from your portfolio of player-stocks.

To know more about how CricStock works, read the Frequently Asked Questions.
Apart from trading, you can also check out cricketing news, profile stats of cricket players and discuss your ideas on our forums.

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