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Suresh Menon Columns Date: 1/23/2016 - 1/22/2017
Shots that changed cricket
Nov 17, 2016
Jumping Out is an extraordinary picture. The batsman is a metre outside the crease, the front foot is in the process of landing on the turf, the bat held aloft preparatory to the straight drive is an extension of the arm, the eyes are focused, and there is power, grace and a complete lack of strain.
Rain interruptions - poor scheduling and lack of preparedness
Sep 13, 2016
Umpires and players look for perfect conditions before an interrupted game can resume. The balance ought to be weighted in favour of play in less-than-perfect conditions so long as there is no physical danger to the players.
Cricketers and depression
Sep 13, 2016
A couple of years ago, the Professional Cricketers Association after surveying 500 cricketers found that five percent of them had sought help for mental health problems. This figure is roughly the same, according to the World Health Organisation, for those suffering from depression across the world.
Retiring reluctantly
Sep 13, 2016
Reflexes slow down, motivation oozes out, the practice-match-travel routine is no longer attractive, families grow, interests in other areas widen. Retirement is a natural conclusion to a sportsmannâ?s career, even if occasionally the inevitable is delayed.
Cricket wins in Supreme Court vs BCCI match-up
Aug 04, 2016
There are cricketers who are corrupt administrators just as there are politicians who can be good ones. But the balance of opinion is against the politician, and the churning might do the game good.
What price technique?
Aug 04, 2016
Some achieve great effects through textbook technique â? the Tendulkars, the Gavaskars, the Richardses (both Barry and Viv) â? while others play beyond such technique but are still effective.
Selfishness is intrinsic to greatness
Jul 06, 2016
Cricket is unique in that it is an individual sport that happens to be played in a team environment. It is too, a game where statistics usually decide selection.
Right hand, left hand
Jun 13, 2016
The conventional right hander watches the approaching bowler with his left eye while the top hand, responsible for controlling and guiding the bat, is his weaker hand.
BCCI tripped up by hubris
Jun 05, 2016
Is it too late for the BCCI to swallow its pride, and work out an understanding with the Court-appointed amicus curiea?
Player - coach - commentator
May 21, 2016
Mahela Jayawardene, former Sri Lanka captain, world class batsman, and recent batting coach of England will be commentating on the England-Sri Lanka series starting at Leeds this week. Player-coach-commentator is the clichhÃd career graph of the modern international.
Day Night Test cricket is the future, but it is not without challenges.
May 08, 2016
Day-night Test cricket is the future. In recognizing that, Indiaaâ?s cricket board has displayed both awareness and pragmatism.
National Sports Ethics Commission Bill might be passed
May 08, 2016
There is hope that the National Sports Ethics Commission Bill might be passed because of Thakurrâ?s double advantage. He is the secretary of the BCCI as well as a member of the ruling BJP. The bill calls for a 10-year jail term (apart from a life ban) for match-fixing and a fine which is five times the amount of bribery.
A World Cup full of character and characters
Apr 07, 2016
This was a marvellous tournament, full of character and characters, and with signposts to the way the game is evolving. Cricket-wise, this has been the most inclusive of World Cups, with enough in it for all age groups from seven to seventy (and beyond).
Cricketization of T20 is Kohli's contribution to the World Cup
Mar 31, 2016
T20 is said to have influenced Test cricket more than the other way round. Now here is Kohli telling us that the traffic is sometimes in the opposite direction. The straight bat, the body close to the ball, the gradual build-up of an innings is as much part of the 120-ball game too.
Alfred's statement a breath of fresh air
Mar 19, 2016
In the limited lexicon of the over-certain, you lose face when you praise your opposition, you lose face when you agree to coach a youngster from the other country, you lose face when you place a rival performer above your own.
The 11th hour syndrome and why there is no Plan B
Mar 11, 2016
India, as someone once said, is a country that lives in the eleventh hour. Sporting India even more so. The World T20 cricket began on Tuesday, with the business end of the tournament (the Super 10) set to commence in a week. Yet, as I write this, there is no assurance that matches scheduled for Delhi will go ahead.
T20 cricket may be at the crossroads
Mar 02, 2016
For T20 to thrive it has to be an alternative to the established format. When T20 itself becomes the established format, it will go the way of revolutions which become indistinguishable from what they have replaced.
Keep yellow and red cards out of the first class game
Mar 02, 2016
The Marylebone Cricket Club, the guardians of the game's laws, is experimenting with warnings and send-offs and cooling-off periods for players.
Kohli's next assignment is a crucial one
Mar 02, 2016
Kohli has infused the Indian team with a self-confidence that, like its new-found aggression, is an extension of his own persona. Kohli speaks his mind; he is not particularly discreet. He enjoys what he is doing and communicates that enjoyment.
Cricket world will be grateful McCullum chose cricket over rugby
Mar 02, 2016
Under McCullum New Zealand played a brand of attacking, happy cricket that might be the template for a format whose obituaries are being written with a depressing regularity.
The genuinely ambidextrous bowler
Jan 25, 2016
There are too many adjustments that a bowler has to make - from getting his feet, his trunk, head, eyes in alignment - to suddenly be able to do all that with the other side of the body.
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