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Playing is a breeze. Follow this step by step sign-up process on how to play Doosra @ dreamcricket.com and you'll be Batting in no time.

Opening - Registering @ dreamcricket.com DoosraTM

To enter, register your self at dreamcricket.com. After registering, you are ready to play the game. A valid dreamcricket.com username and password will be used as an identifier to login to game play, and to keep track of your entry's score and standing. If you are an existing user, you can go PAD UP!

1st Down - Selecting your Tournament

You will have to select the Tournament that you wish to participate from the available list list of active tournament that are currently in play. This will be under the ALL TOURNAMENTS section. You will be able to create your entry as well as view the Schedule for the tournament. You will only be ale to Create/Modify your entry if the Trading Period is Active. Once you've clicked the on the Tournament Name (to create entry), you will be forwarded to a screen that will ask you to make the selection as per the tournament format.

2nd Down - Doosra format

The World Cup Schedule has been published and you will be able to view the entire schedule. The World Cup 2007 is divided into 4 Stages:
      1. 1st Innings - Group Stage
      2. 2nd Innings - Super 8
      3. 3rd Innings - Semi Finals
      4. 4th Innings - Finals
Innings 1 & 2 are League stages while Innings 3 & 4 are knockout stages.

Captains may change their selections as often as they like prior to the start of the 1st World Cup game on March 13th, 2007. Exact Freeze time will be published.

1st Innings is broken into 4 Group stages, which will have 6 matches each. Hence you will have to predict the outcome of all 24 matches in this Innings. The Top 2 teams from each group will move to the next Innings. Each Group will have tab, which will have the list of all 6 event. Once you have selected each outcome for Group A, you will save and move to Group B.

Your predictions in the 1st Innings will determine the schedule for the 2nd Innings - Super 8. Here, again, you will have 24 matches for which you will have to correctly predict the outcome.

On Completion of 2nd Innings, your Semi Final stage will be confirmed, which will be your 3rd Innings. Here you only have 2 events to predict.

And then you move to the 4th Innings for Biggest prize in World Cricket - Finals.

In total, you have 51 Matches, where you will have to predict an outcome.

3rd Down - Make your selections (Available March 4th, 2007)

You will be asked to play all 4 Innings of the Tournament one at a time. You will be asked to choose the outcome of each event in the Tournament (51 in total). Remember, even a TIE is a possible outcome. Upon completion of all 4 Innings and you have submitted your tiebreaker score for the World Cup Finals, You will submit your entry for the dreamcricket.com Doosra Competition.

You can start with any of the Group A, B, C or D tabs. Each of the tabs will have a list of all the matches scheduled and a drop down box to avail your selection. The 2 possible outcomes in this event are A Result or A-No-Result (Tie). A Result will mean you have to pick a winning Country. If you think that particular event will be a Tie, then you can choose that option.

Remember, only complete entries will be eligible for the Tournament.

A dynamic Points table will also been shown to the right of the selection area which will give you an updated Group Standings as per your selection.

Very Important to remember that you check your final standings before you submit. In case if there is a Tie for a place, you will have to manually select the final position. i.e. after your initial selection, if Australia & South Africa are tied for the 1st place after their group stage, then you will have to determine which team finishes 1st & 2nd. This Manual intervention is VERY CRITICAL. Please pay attention to this matter.

You do have the chance to save your entries midway and come back at a later time to complete your entry. Hence you can chose to make your selections for Group A and then SUBMIT your entry and come back at a later stage to complete the rest of the selections. All changes will have to be completed before March 13th, 2007. Once the tournament has started, no changes will be allowed. FREEZE period will be in effect.

Note: You will have the option to edit your entries at any time after they have been initially submitted, 1 hour before the actual start of the 1st Match.

4th Down - Creating or Joining a Group (Optional)

You have the option to group yourself with friends or co-workers by joining or creating a group. Within each group, your entry will be automatically ranked. Dreamcricket.com groups are by default Private, thus you can only play with a specific group of people you know. You can make it accessible to those whom you have given the group password. The creator of a group sets the group's name, motto and password. Once you have created a Group, use the INVITE LINK to invite your friends or co-workers.

5th Down - Accumulating points

Now you are ready for the Coin Toss. The object of the game is simple: Correctly pick the outcome of the most matches in the 51 event tournament. A correct selection in the first round counts as 10 points, and in the second round the point value is doubled. (See the table below for more details about the scoring breakdown).

1st Innings 16 24 10 240
2nd Innings 8 24 20 480
3rd Innings 4 2 40 80
4th Innings 2 1 80 80
Totals   51   880

Hence, the maximum points one can earn is 880

6th Down - Standings

After completion of each match, the points standings will be updated and you will be able to view your rankings and your progress.

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