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dreamcricket FAQ
  1. Introduction
    Before contacting us, please read through the FAQ -- you may find an answer to your question right away!

  2. Changes
    1. You want to change your team name or password

      Once your team is registered, you can change your password and other personal details by login in and going to Profile. To change your team name, go to Modify team and change your team name.

    2. You forgot your password, how do you get a new one?

      Please e-mail us at info@dreamcricket.com with your First Name, Last name and your registered Team name. Once the information is matched with your existing record, we will send you your password.

  3. Error Messages
    1. You have received a "not logged in" message.

      If you are getting a "not logged in" message, please enable cookies on your web browser. A cookie keeps track of you on the Web, and we need it to keep track of your team's score.

      To enable Cookies:
      • In Netscape, click on "Edit", then "Preferences", then click on "Advanced".Then click the button next to "Accept all cookies".
      • In Internet Explorer, click on "View", then "Internet Options", then click on the "Advanced" tab. Then mark the button next to "Accept all cookies".

    2. Invalid Password.

      First try the following:
      1. Verify that you are typing your name and password correctly-- remember team names and passwords are case sensitive!
      2. Log in using another PC (to check to see if it's a hardware problem).

      If you are still not able to log in, e-mail us at info@dreamcricket.com with your team name and password and we'll either fix your team name or give you a new password.

  4. Logged into someone else's team
    1. You've logged in and you get another team who was playing before you.

      It sounds like you're getting previously cached pages, meaning your cache is full. You probably need to clear your cache before you log in.

      You can learn how to do this by reading your browser's help pages, but here's our take:

      In Netscape, go to "Edit", "Preferences", then click on the box next to "Advanced". Under the "Advanced" menu, click on "Cache", and then click "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache".

      In Internet Explorer (IE), click on "View", "Internet Options", then "General"", then "Settings". Then move the slider to the right.

    2. You log in and get someone else's (UNKNOWN) team.

      Oddly enough, you're not the only one with this problem. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider -- the company that you use to get onto the internet) caches pages on its server (stores them to serve them to you more quickly). Occasionally, if different people using the same ISP are all playing the game, you may get someone else's page served from the cache. It doesn't happen for each page and doesn't always happen.

      At any rate, we are actively working to solve this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience that it's causing. Right now, although we cannot solve the problem, we can suggest trying again, as your ISP most likely clears the cache on a regular basis.

      Please inform us of this problem when it happens. Thanks.

  5. Scoring/Discrepancies
    1. You didnít get your points

      You only receive points for players who are on your roster before the freeze period, which occurs at pre-defined GMT time on match day. Be sure to finish well before the deadline. Remember: you will not be allowed to make any changes after the freeze time. Check out the map to see how this time translates to different places in the World.

      We are currently working on a program to help you convert this deadline into your local time. Until our program is ready, you may wish to try some of the time converters currently available on the web:

      Time Zone Converter

      If you use this tool, be sure to de-select the option to use the current time and date. Enter 0800 GMT in the "From Time Zone" column, and select your own time zone in the "To Time Zone" column to convert the deadline into your local time.

      CNN World Time

      Below the shockwave map on this page, you'll find a tool to enter a time in a particular city and convert it to the same time in another city. Enter 03:00 PM in London, and select your city to convert the deadline into your local time.

    2. You thought your team was in the Top 10

      The page may not be current. Check the date on the of the list. It takes our database longer to load these statistics.

    3. What is the freeze period?

      The freeze period is a rule to keep the game fair, and give us time to process the statistics and award Fantasy points. It would be unfair to buy a player in the middle of the match, so the freeze period occurs just before the match gets underway. You only receive points for players who are on your roster before the freeze period, which occurs at pre-defined GMT. Be sure to finish selecting your team well before the deadline. Remember no changes can be made after the freeze time.

    4. Your Fantasy points do not add up correctly

      First, review the rules, as your score may be affected by a rule you may not be and you have double-checked your points total and you still think there's a discrepancy, please let us know at info@dreamcricket.com

  6. Registration Problems
    1. None of the team names you entered were accepted.

      You have to choose something unique, like "CrickS1" or "India24". Since your team name and password are case sensitive, you can combine upper and lower case letters, and also use numbers. Get creative -- but be sure to choose something you can remember!

    2. The game accepted your registration, but still gave you an error when you tried to log in.

      Try logging in with the name and password that you registered with. Be sure that you are typing your name and password correctly --remember, team names and passwords are case sensitive! If this persists, please email us at info@dreamcricket.com

    3. You are AOL user and it says your email is incorrect.

      You may not be typing in your email address correctly. For example: if you are on AOL, your email address is your screen name + "@aol.com" (example= Indra@aol.com or Slapshot@aol.com).

    4. You are still having trouble registering.

      Make sure you fill out all the required fields on your registration form (these fields are highlighted or marked with an asterisk).

      If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at info@dreamcricket.com

  7. Game Play
    1. How do you buy players?

      Register, log in, and click on "create My Team." You then choose from positional categories to build your roster. When you find a player you want to buy, click on the price and follow the instructions.

    2. How do you sell players?

      Register, log in, and go to modify your roster. You then choose the player you wish to sell. When you find a player you want to sell, choose another player in his place.

    3. You would like to change a player's position.

      We designate a player's position at the beginning of the tournament. A player's position cannot be changed once the tournament starts.

    4. You want to add a favorite player, or new player.

      We are just as big sports fans as you are, and we probably know about your favorite player. We publish the latest official pool that is selected by each country's cricket Board for the tournament. However, if you are aware of a player who has been added to the pool and if you don't see him, please email us at info@dreamcricket.com and we will try to get him up as soon as we can.

    5. When are stats updated?

      Stats and fantasy points are updated the following morning.

    6. How do you get more Fantasy Dollars?

      Trade smart and register as early as possible.

    7. How many teams can you have?

      Dream Cricket allows its participants to have 1 team per email address.

    8. Why does the player value changes?

      Player value will change depending on his performance

  8. Players
    1. Player X is on the injured list and he's on my team. What do I do?

      Injured players will not be taken off your roster automatically. If he gets injured before the tournament starts, then you can change your roster. Otherwise, you will have to carry him on your roster throughout the tournament.

      If your question is not answered here or elsewhere in the FAQ, please e-mail us at info@dreamcricket.com.

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