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  1. Introduction
    This page should answer most of the questions you may have about using the dreamcricket.com site. If you do not find an answer on this page, please email us at info@dreamcricket.com with your question.

  2. How do I register my team?
    • Click on the Register link on any page to get started.
    • You will be asked for the following information: first name, last name, address, e-mail address and a password.
    • Please make sure to fill in your correct email address -- include the at sign (@) and .com, .org, etc.. as this is how dreamcricket.com will notify winners. Please note that the password is case-sensitive
    • Please fill out all the required fields as well. You will not be able to register otherwise
    • If you forget your teamname or password, email us at info@dreamcricket.com and we will send you the information

  3. How do I draft my team?

    Step 1 - select your players
    • Select 11 Players whose total value does not exceed the salary cap.
    • The salary cap for each fantasy cricket team is $10,000.00. Once the tournament starts your team value will fluctuate depending on your team performance or your individual player performance.
    • Each 11 player Team will consist of the following
      • 4 Batsmen
      • 2 All rounders
      • 4 Bowlers
      • 1 Wicket Keeper

    Step 2 - buy your players
    • Buy your players by selecting them from the drop down boxes.
    • Repeat the selections until you have bought all your players
    • Keep an eye on your account value as you cannot exceed the salary cap
    • Be careful when purchasing players as official team rosters are often not announced until just before the first match. Every attempt is made by dreamcricket.com to keep the official team rosters accurate but we cannot guarantee that a player listed will actually compete.
    • Check back often before the start of the tournament for an update of the official rosters

  4. How do I see a player's statistics?
    The Team section of the Navigation Bar will have detailed statistics for each player by country.

  5. What happens if I pick a player and then decide that I want to choose another player instead?
    1. Click on the Modify Team link in the navigation bar.
    2. Find the drop down box that displays the player you want to change.
    3. Click on the drop down and select another player to fill that position

  6. What do I do if I run out of money and I still have spots left to fill?
    • If you run out of money, try selling off an expensive player and buying a cheaper replacement to free up some cap room.

  7. How often can I change my roster?
    • You can change your roster as much as you want until "freeze time".
    • Freeze times for each tournament is at the start of every match.
    • During the freeze time, you will not be able to modify/trade your team.
    • Freeze time will be published for each tournament on our web site. Refer to Freeze Schedule for more information.

  8. Can I register once the tournament has started?
    Yes, you can register, but remember it’s in your best interest to register before the tournament starts, since player value will change after each completed match and the salary cap will remain constant at $10,000.

    Therefore the number of top players that you can buy will become increasingly difficult.

  9. How Does the Scoring System Work?
    Your players earn Fantasy Points based on their actual statistics from all matches played. Your players score points for productivity, and lose points for negative production.

    The object of the game is to accumulate as many Fantasy Points as you can over the course of the tournament. - Keep this in mind, when selecting your players.

    Avoid players who might not get a chance to play in the matches, despite being in the pool.

    Another key point to remember is that you MUST have a full roster every day by the Roster Freeze Deadline (see When is the Roster Freeze Deadline? below) or you will receive NO Fantasy Points from ANY of your players.

    For detailed instructions on how our fantasy scoring system works, please refere to one of the following link.

  10. Why didn't I score any points yesterday?
    You get points for your team after every completed match, as long as your roster is full and valid by our Roster Freeze deadline (see Roster Freeze). This bears repeating, as it is the most common question we get from our participants.

  11. When is the roster freeze deadline?
    Please see the roster freeze page for freeze details for all ongoing tournaments.

  12. How do I know how I'm doing?
    You can keep track of your progress under section "View My Team", which will be an option after logging in. "View My Team" shows all players currently on your roster, their ($)dollar value, how many Fantasy points they scored in their last match, and how many points they have scored in the tournament.

    The Manager's Statement also shows your overall standing in all of fantasy Dreamcricket competition.

  13. What do I get if I win the worldwide competition?
    The top 3 captains with the highest portfolio value at the end of the competition will be awarded cash prizes as published prior to the tournament.

    For residents living outsite of the US, cash prizes will be awarded in their respective local currency.

    dreamcricket.com reserves the right to convert the prize money into the local currency at a rate deemed appropriate, considering all expenses.

    The top 12 participants excluding the cash prize winners at the end of the tournament, will also receive complimentary dreamcricket.com logo t-shirts.

    Once the Tournament is completed, the winners will be informed via e-mail. Thus it's imperative that you have a valid e-mail id. Having an invalid e-mail id will be deemed ineligible for any Dream Cricket prizes.

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