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USA Cricket Association board declares 32 out of 47 leagues ineligible to vote in elections
by DreamCricket USA
Feb 27, 2012

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USACA Media Release


Executive Summary of the USACA Board Meeting to Review League Compliance
February 26th 2012

The USACA board met on Sunday February 26th to review the final compliance report from Mr. Robert Chance, Esq. on USACA league compliance. Information on the compliance process can be found at http://www.usaca.org/articles/compliance.html and includes the report for each league from February 11th. A final updated report will be provided on the USACA website.

In the board meeting Robert Chance reviewed the process and timeline he had followed since commencing his work with the leagues in September 2011. After presenting this background he answered questions and moved on to describe that he had found the following:

A) 12 “Leagues that should be considered eligible to vote”;
B) 12 “Leagues that could be considered eligible to vote, depending on Board decision”, and
C) 17 “Leagues that should not be considered eligible to vote”

Robert Chance then provided the Board the reason(s) for each individual league being placed in categories B and C. Mr. Chance will be providing updated feedback to each individual league and their Regional Representatives, as he has during the compliance review process.

After it was ascertained there were no further questions for Robert Chance he left the call to allow the board to discuss and deliberate.

The board accepted unanimously all 12 leagues Robert Chance recommended should be considered as eligible to vote (A) and also accepted his recommendation not to allow the 17 leagues in C) to vote with six yes votes and two no votes.

Out of category B) the Board reviewed each league individually and after debate voted to accept 3 leagues as eligible to vote. Board votes ranged from unanimous to no less than six yes votes and two no votes.

The final board-approved list of USACA leagues eligible to vote are as follows:

American Cricket League
Atlanta Georgia Cricket Conference
Brooklyn Cricket League
Central Florida Cricket Association
Central Texas Cricket League
Great Lakes Cricket Conference
Houston Cricket League
Minnesota Cricket Association
New Jersey Cricket Association
New York Cricket League
North Texas Cricket Association
Northwest Cricket League
South Florida Cricket Alliance
Washington Cricket League
Washington Metro Cricket Board

The board expressed disappointment that only around 1/3rd of USACA’s membership is in good standing. The USACA General Manager will be asked to continue his work helping the leagues get compliant and all the Regional Representatives are encouraged to work with the leagues in their region to help them get complaint.

Elections will now proceed and more information will be sent out detailing the process, schedule and the appointment of the CPA.

Questions: contact 1st Vice President Michael Gale at Mgale@Pulsepointgroup.com.

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