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USA Cricket: NWCL President writes scathing email criticizing USACA's "sham" appeals process
by DreamCricket USA
Apr 12, 2012

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The following is an email dated Thursday April 12 written by Northwest Cricket League President Faizan Janjua to USACA league presidents.

Respected Presidents and Cricket Enthusiasts,

I’m President of the Northwest Cricket League. When I took over in February, I had no first-hand knowledge about national cricket politics. I had heard about the unscrupulous Management and the dysfunctional state of USACA from different sources.

As you know USACA found 33 [sic, 32] out of 47 leagues affiliated with USACA as non-compliant to its constitution. This was done through a very questionable process conducted by Mr. Robert Chance. This was a wicked attempt to prevent these leagues from voting in the upcoming USACA elections.

Five of these “non-compliant” leagues filed appeals to contest the compliant process. To deal with these appeals USACA President tactfully handpicked a five-member Appeals Committee comprised of:

Faizan Janjua - Northwest Cricket League
Milton Taylor - South Florida Cricket Alliance
Milford Lewis - New York Cricket League
Masood Yunus - Minnesota Cricket Association
Sheldon Mollineau - New Jersey Cricket Association

Three of the five-member committee, Milton Taylor, Milford Lewis and Sheldon Mollineau are close cronies of Mr. Dainty. Mr Dainty knew that he had his “buddies” on the committee and no matter what, he would get his desired decisions. I think Masood and I were picked to make the process look legitimate.

I reluctantly accepted the responsibility thinking that this was my chance to help these leagues to be compliant. From the get-go the committee was given very little evidence/information to look at and only two days to conclude all appeals. At the request of Masood Yunus some additional time was given.

Looking at the whole bogus compliant process, I quickly realized that these leagues were found non-complaint for petty discrepancies and all the leagues had very strong and logical explanations/reasons.

Yesterday the committee had a meeting to present a final verdict. Mr. Yunus could not attend the meeting due to other engagements.

During the deliberation it was quite clear that the three gentlemen came with a pre-determined mind set to ignore all the evidence and wanted to rubber stamp Mr. Chance’s dubious findings. After going through the first two appeals, it was obvious for me, the direction in which all the decisions were going. It was very frustrating for me to see how these leagues were being cheated to be compliant. So I dropped out of the call early.

I sincerely apologize to cricket lovers in general and especially to the five leagues, that I was so naïve, that I was fooled into serving as a part of this sham committee. But this experience helped me to understand how USACA is controlling, manipulating and suppressing the development of cricket in US. I also believe that under Mr. Dainty’s leadership, cricket in this country will never flourish

I know there are many individuals/groups who are fighting against the current thug culture of USACA. We’ll only succeed if we consolidate our efforts to one platform instead of nitpicking against each other.

Faizan Janjua
President Northwest Cricket League


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