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USA Cricket: Triggers Colts Cricket League launched in Houston
by DreamCricket USA
Jun 16, 2014

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With its ever increasing global fan base, playing and enjoying cricket is enjoyed by many, but the game is seemingly out of reach for many of its enthusiastic little fans in Houston. 

To address this huge unmet need in Houston, the Triggers Cricket Club (TCC) a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization has initiated plans to develop a Triggers Colts Cricket League (TCCL) in Houston, aimed at giving young children an opportunity to formally learn and play Cricket in a fun-loving environment of camaraderie, respect and sportsmanship.

To achieve this goal, the TCC is conducting an 8-12 age group TCC Colts Summer Tournament held over 10 weeks from May to July, 2014. 

The TCCL has planned active weekly training sessions where dedicated coaches teach batting, bowling and fielding to prepare them for  competitive matches. There was an overwhelming response to the invitation to join the TCCL, with 70 children coming forward to learn the game, and leading to the formation of five teams named the Cubs (pictured right), WildCats, Knight Riders (Katy), Super Kings (Katy) and New Territory (Sugarland).

The children participate in weekly practice sessions which also include mock games together with their team-mates. In this ongoing tournament, it has been exciting to see youngsters quickly grasp all aspects of the game and develop a strong team spirit, tremendous enthusiasm, and a driving desire to win.

The Grand Finale to crown the TCC Colts Summer Champions of 2014 of this inaugural season concludes on July 19th at Matzke Park and is intended to celebrate the arrival of a TCC Colts Cricket League in Houston over an evening of fun conducted in the format of a huge family picnic.

While these finals signal an end to TCCL’s inaugural Summer Tournament, the club intends to build on this enthusiastic beginning with exciting plans for consolidation and expansion. The club's vision is to identify and groom talented youngsters toward more competitive forms of the game including National Level participation, while simultaneously introducing the game to children at the entry level.

Formal training will be available for all children by dedicated coaches, and advanced training will be include coaches with international experience such as Rajeshwari Antani (former player of the Indian Women’s International Cricket team) and Sushil Nadkarni (Current player in the US International Cricket team).

TCCL intends to work in collaboration with the children’s parents who will coordinate these efforts and be actively involved in their children’s progress. The TCCL will also have a dedicated website to keep everyone informed, motivated and connected. The exciting news is that TCCL is now planning to continue this momentum with a Winter 2014 TCCL Tournament to be hosted September – November with 5 teams, and expand to two tournaments in 2015 with 8 participating teams playing in 4 grounds.

Nanda Kumar (President TCC) and Surya Saladi (Program Director, TCCL) thank Wells Fargo and KPIT for their generous support for the inaugural TCCL tournament, and invite additional sponsors to come forward and support children’s cricket in Houston.

Like TCCL @ https://www.facebook.com/TCCcolts

Visit TCCL @ http://www.triggerscricket.com/colts/

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