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Youngsters impress on both sides
by Sunil Gavaskar
Sep 08, 2007
The current One-Day Series has seen a few players come through who may well be the stars of tomorrow. The reason for the optimism is that these youngsters have shown that they have what it takes in the temperament stakes that separates the men from the boys, and although they are still pretty much boys, they have certainly come of age in the one-day series.

For England, it’s Stuart Broad and Ravi Bopara who have impressed one and all with the manner in which they kept their cool and took England to what looked like an unlikely victory after the seventh wicket fell at Manchester. They added 99 runs to win the game for England. They ran well between the wickets and didn’t miss out on the chance to hit the loose ball to the boundary. What was even more impressive was the way the winning runs were scored. It would have been so tempting to go for the glory and glamour shots once the target was just four runs away, but both the youngsters didn’t go that route, but simply hit the ball for a single that got the win. How often have we seen even experienced players, after having done all the hard work and come near the target, be it a winning one or even a personal landmark like a fifty or a century, go for the big shot and perish and end up cursing themselves after that?

Sure, the pressure of maintaining an asking rate was not there as the Indian total wasn’t a big one, but still, with the field brought in, it would have been easy to get carried away and go for broke, and who knows, that may well have been just the opening that the opposition was waiting for. Truly, once you have the opposition down, never do anything that will help him to get up and strike back.

Broad has cricket running in his veins and he must have learnt more about the game at the dining table than from any coach, but it still has to be put into action and he did his father proud by the manner in which he helped secure a win for his team. Now all that he needs to do is to have a chat with his dad who is an international match referee, and learn what he can get away with in terms of behaviour, for the danger in being successful at a young age is that a feeling of never being wrong and being able to get away with anything. There was no need for him to get into the slanging match with Ganguly at the Oval. He was only five years old when Ganguly made his international debut, and while age is not any reason for a player to show respect on the field, at least there should not be any intemperate language. Typically, when Ganguly was responding to the youngster, Ian Bell, who has been the chief chirper along with Matt Prior, tried the sly way of going to Ganguly and telling him something and scurrying away in case the cameras caught him. It was not even his fight, and though it may be his way of showing solidarity with a teammate, it shows that he believes that its alright for them to talk, but if they are given it back, then they don’t like it.

There has been a bit of spice and ‘masala’ in this summer between the two teams, and while most of it was initiated by England, India haven’t done any ‘Gandhigiri’ and turned the other cheek, but given it back good and proper. It may show a tough image, but the only toughness that counts is what is seen in the score books and not who wins the verbal battle.

Ravi Bopara has said in an interview that he wants to be the Tendulkar for England. That’s a heavy burden that the young man is placing on himself, for there can only be one Tendulkar, and it would be better for the youngster to learn from the little champion how to cope with tough situations and learn from his demeanour on and off the field. Tendulkar is respected and loved all over the world, not just for his sublime skills but also for the way he has carried himself on the field. He has had some rough decisions in the summer, but apart from a momentary display of disappointment, there has been no sign of any dissent or disapproval of what has been dished out to him. By the time this sees the light of the day, the one-day series may well be over and as there is plenty of talk that this will be his last tour of England, there is a good chance that the little champion may sign off with a match-winning century at the ground where he hasn’t hit a century at the international level as yet. He has batted quite superbly in the one-day series, and along with Ganguly and Dravid, shown that while it may well be a game for youngsters there is a place for the cunning old pros as well.

The youngsters from India that have impressed are Piyush Chawla, who has shown a big heart and plenty of gumption. Gautam Gambhir too displayed great character when brought back in the side, by playing as the team wanted and not simply to establish himself in the side. And then there is Robin Uthappa. He too came in to bat in a situation where there was no time to play himself in, yet he batted as if he was part of the playing eleven all along and not just playing his first game of the series and that too in the unfamiliar position of number seven. Yes, the youngsters have certainly shown their paces in the series, and that bodes well for not just the teams that they belong to, but international cricket too. With Lara, Warne and McGrath retired, there is a big chance for new heroes to step forward and claim their places in the hearts of cricket-lovers, and we may well have seen some of them in this series itself.

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