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Dark clouds over Mid West cricket have comic lining
by DreamCricket USA
Jun 20, 2008
Dark clouds over Mid West cricket have comic lining

In many ways, the Mid West cricket is a microcosm of USA cricket. Talent is in abundance but because of factors outside the control of the players themselves, progress is minimal.

The management of the Mid West Cricket Conference are focused on providing weekend fixtures for the legions of MWCC's players. And most players acknowledge that the league has done a decent job on that basic requirement. "But where's the vision for the future and the promises made?" they ask. "And what of the aspirational class?"

These are a section of MWCC players who have craved for more - they wish to play in inter-league tournaments. Some have mooted a mini-World Cup akin to the Diversity Cup in Michigan. MWCC has some real talent - serious talent. And the cricketers want a better platform to showcase their talent - more than what the weekend contests can afford. They clamor for visibility so that they can play for the region. Some even dream of representing USA.

For a variety of reasons, ranging from personal to political, their league has had negligible interactions at the regional level until this year. In MWCC's defence, it is not alone in doing so. The region, although run by people that have the right intentions, is not exactly a textbook example of democracy.

Things changed somewhat in 2008 for MWCC. In a move welcomed by the community, the league sent a team to the 2008 inter-league tournament in Michigan. The cricketers enjoyed their tour away from their cocoon. They destroyed their opponents and were rightfully crowned the regional champions.

But if the champions thought that their achievement would propel a few of the players to the national stage, that hope was soon dashed. None of the league's players figured in the Central East regional team. Once again, the motivation is unclear but it is apparent that they were not given the opportunity.

Some of the MWCC players, while preferring to play in the more competitive MWCC, also play in other leagues. Defying the league's diktat that MWCC players may not represent rival leagues, some of these players represented in the rival NCL at the inter-league for which they were promptly served a show-cause by MWCC management. Mercifully, two of these players - Abhijit Joshi and Faisal Baig, have been selected to play in the Central East Regional Team on behalf of NCL - the league they were penalized for representing.

But what of the remaining players in the winning MWCC team? The inter-league tournament's best bowler Mohammed Bakshi and the MVP in the finals Mohammad Yousaf will have to cool their heels in Chicago. Granted, selection process for regionals across USA is not exactly evolved. But as one cricketer said, "Our champion team will have zero representation in the regionals. It's beyond belief. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so bloody sad."

The Cricket Guru - Confushus

To every dark cloud, there is a comic lining. And in the Midwest, there is Confushus. Confushus or confucious or confuseious or confusecious depending on who invokes him, he gives the cricketers a chance to laugh at their own plight (some argue blight). A combination of Deepak Chopra and Navjot Sidhu - his pearls of wisdom soothe the league and nudge them into action. DreamCricket.com is presenting them here because some of these are equally applicable to the rest of the country.

Read on for some of Confushus' sayings and the context in which they were said.

On who is a worse leader for cricket, X or Y:

"Whether big needle or small needle, a prick is a prick!"

Commenting on inaction:

"Man who has head stuck up behind after some time will start to think it smell like roses."

"Man that sits on his hands ends up smelling like ass!"

Asking friends not to naively believe that a certain person was open to ideas:

"Sh!t no have ears."

"Cannot teach old dog new tricks. Not even dog with Napoleon complex!"

Talking about people who have shut others out:

"Man who does not understand criticism and insult live in fools paradise but is happy."

Suggesting that the recent fall in number of teams is symptomatic of a bigger problem:

"If it smell like bs and look like bs and feel like bs then it is bs!"

Postulating that Management was not just callous. The real problem may not be so obvious. They may not wish to interact with the region:

"The greatest thing the devil did was make us believe he did not exist!"

Advocating diplomacy

"There is never a solution that satifies everyone no matter how u shove it."

While disagreeing with someone:

"He the dim bulb that makes rest of us shine brighter. He the garbage that makes lotus look beautiful."

Secret of big hitting:

"Luck. so hit big until luck runs out and hope it lasts."

For more wisdom:

"Available mon-wed after 6pm at community park. $10 for each pearl of wisdom that will change your life. For MWCC players I make it $9."

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