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Suresh Menon Columns Date: 4/24/2013 - 4/24/2014
Yuvraj has an off day of stunning proportions
Apr 08, 2014
Gone was the arrogance of his batsmanship, the power of his strokeplay, the cheekiness of his shot-making. It was like listening to a Beatles melody being played at the wrong speed.
Gavaskar will have to look beyond his nose
Apr 02, 2014
Gavaskar has the personality and the knowledge of the byways of BCCI politics to turn things around. But not speaking up against the Board is a habit of a lifetime he will have to overcome.
Amit Mishra ready for a permanent place in the Test team
Mar 26, 2014
Wickets in T20 matches may not necessarily be the natural steps towards a permanent place in the Test team. But Mishra has made a case for taking another serious look at him, with a plea for past prejudices to be kept aside.
Sangawardene - Efficiency and Style
Mar 20, 2014
Somehow 'Sangawardene' sounds right, conjuring up a relationship where it is difficult to separate the two great batsmen who have been friends from their schooldays, led Sri Lanka, and made over ten thousand runs each in two forms of the game.
Graeme Smith was forthright, uncompromising, unsubtle.
Mar 06, 2014
The post-Graeme Pollock South Africa, better described as post-Apartheid, produced players who were efficient rather than artistic, practical rather than flamboyant, and none symbolised this more than Smith who finishes with just under ten thousand Test runs and an average of nearly fifty.
Dhoni deserves to keep his job
Feb 25, 2014
Dhoni is still only 32, and India didn't do too badly under him on the recent tours of South Africa and New Zealand. They were expected to lose four of the four Tests, and actually came close to winning at least one Test in each country. Young batsmen blossomed, only the bowling disappointed.
Self-interest is now the declared motto of ICC
Feb 10, 2014
How many promises made in pursuit of votes will actually be kept is moot. Now that self-interest has been officially declared as the motto of the ICC, it might not be in India's interests in 2016 to carry out promises made in 2014. Or Australia's or England's, for that matter.
Ranji win is a start of something different for Karnataka
Feb 04, 2014
There was something about Karnataka that marked them out as Ranji champions early in the season. Perhaps it was the energy of their young players, the self-belief that manifested itself at the start.
Virat Kohli is settling in for the long haul
Jan 27, 2014
Watching Virat Kohli make a century in the first one-dayer in New Zealand, batting seemingly on a different planet from his teammates, it was difficult not to recall the early 1990s when Sachin Tendulkar gave the same impression.
ICC goes full circle to becoming an oligarch
Jan 23, 2014
If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then ironically, that is where the hope for the game lies. Too much power in too few hands is a recipe for revolution. Perhaps the cabal might even collapse under the weight of its own arithmetic.
Karnataka have waited long enough for the Ranji title
Jan 16, 2014
Karnataka, led by Vinay Kumar, and in his absence by the wicketkeeper C M Gautam have played positive cricket through the season going for victories rather than merely the first innings lead which has rendered the last segment of many matches irrelevant in domestic cricket.
The need for India to claim 20 wickets
Jan 06, 2014
Not having a third Test in South Africa might have worked in India's favour, after all. It might have been different had India won the first Test; they didn't because they lacked the bowling to claim 20 wickets.
The absurdity of two-Test series
Dec 28, 2013
The drawn Test at the Wanderers in Johannesburg demonstrated once again the sheer absurdity of the so-called two-Test series. The objection is not only to the usage of language (can two of anything qualify as a 'series'?), but also to the lack of cricketing sense.
India start as the underdogs
Dec 18, 2013
It is a pity that the two top teams in the world play just a two-match series; it serves little purpose. Chances are that the losers, cricket-wise would be India. If they win a match, there is no possibility of asserting their superiority; if they lose there is little chance of a comeback.
Remembering Mandela and the first post-apartheid tour
Dec 09, 2013
When Kapil Dev was marking his run up preparatory to bowling his first delivery in the opening Test, it would be the first time a whole race of people would be watching a Test match in South Africa from behind the bowler's arm.
Virat Kohli is natural successor to Dhoni
Nov 25, 2013
Now that Sachin has retired, Kohli, just two years old in the team, becomes the most experienced specialist batsman in the side. He has played just a tenth of Tendulkar's matches.
Writing about Tendulkar
Nov 14, 2013
Writing about Tendulkar is one of the more profitable beats in journalism. So when we say 'Thank You, Sachin', we speak not just of the incredible straight drive or the forehand-down-the-line swish past mid-on, but of the few lakhs he has added to all our bank accounts on the way to adding millions to his own.
300 is par score in ODIs at most venues
Nov 05, 2013
Par scores have gone up over the decades because technological advances in batting have been far ahead of technical ones in bowling. A mis-hit can carry for six thanks to the quality of the bats, the â?sweet spottâ? is spread over a greater area, and to add to that is the fact that players are fitter and stronger.
An alternative list to Wisden XI and the Bradman XI
Oct 28, 2013
First, there is the fun of naming the worlddâ?s best-ever. Then there is the even greater fun (and joy) of naming an alternative lot which is as good as the original.
Grateful that Sachin played in our lifetime
Oct 24, 2013
Sachin is a moveable feast. Those of us who have followed him professionally will be grateful that he played in our lifetime. The late Peter Roebuck once said that whenever he felt low he only had to remind himself how privileged he was to be writing on the game when Tendulkar was playing it.
Sachin's goodbye is a reminder of our own mortality
Oct 14, 2013
Last week, India woke up to the fact that Sachin Tendulkar will play just two more Tests and then quit. Physically, the timing is right. He is 40, has been a shadow of himself and has been playing international cricket continuously for 24 years.
Refreshing to see a court appointed committee look into betting
Oct 09, 2013
In a period when the courts in India are ensuring that the powerful who break the law are getting their comeuppance â? from former Railway Minister to a host of other senior politicians â? there is some confidence in the country that the BCCI might also be brought in line.
Indian cricket needs to tap into Anil Kumble to restore credibility of the board
Oct 02, 2013
Indian cricket is wasting a crisis. Presented with an opportunity to change things, to clean the Augean stables, as it were, the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the root cause for much of the damage chose to sweep things under the carpet and go back to the bad old days.
The rot in the IPL system is deep
Sep 23, 2013
To believe that only a handful of players was involved in spot-fixing is naive in the extreme; just as it is naive now to presume that only of the owners saw in the tournament an opportunity to make money on the side by placing bets. Team owners cannot bet, full stop.
Urine-Gate: Will Pietersen, Broad and Andersen get away?
Aug 30, 2013
Some cricket teams bond by playing soccer; others by indulging in 'team-building' activities that include competitions and sophisticated versions of children's games. And then some players bond by urinating on the pitch.
An evening with India's greatest spinners
Aug 20, 2013
There can be few more rewarding ways to spend an evening than in the company of some of the greatest spinners in the history of the game.
Don't ban the DRS
Aug 16, 2013
The technology is not error-free, but then nothing is in sport. And it may need a better-educated handling or greater choices for the players and umpires.
The Great Tamasha: Cricket, Corruption and the Turbulent Rise of Modern India
Aug 09, 2013
There is an inevitability about the IPL. It is this inevitability that James Astill captures while tracing the emergence of modern India through its greatest national obsession in The Great Tamasha: Cricket, Corruption and the Turbulent Rise of Modern India.
Remembering Hemu Adhikari and Gulabrai Ramchand
Jul 26, 2013
Before Tiger Pataudi emerged and claimed the title for his own, Ramchand was seen as the 'bold' Indian captain who approached a game in a positive state of mind and was not averse to taking risks.
DRS and Hotspot get more decisions right than wrong
Jul 15, 2013
The two most important lessons from the Ashes opener in Trent Bridge are: a) there is nothing wrong with the DRS technology and b) we can't leave it to the players and their sense of fair play to correct an umpiring error.
Another meaningless one-day tournament
Jul 09, 2013
Another meaningless one-day tournament, that is what is being played in the West Indies now, without any particular relevance or context.
A not so genuine World Test Championship
Jul 02, 2013
A five-match series between the two top teams might serve the cause of Test cricket better than a three-match knockout among four teams. The ICC must decide if it wants a genuine world Test champion or a made-for-television champion.
The team for the 2015 World Cup is here
Jun 24, 2013
Sometimes, in team sport, the past can sit heavily on the present. The team that won Indiaaâ?s second World Cup contained the first player to make a double century in 50-over cricket.
Indian cricket should get the cleansing it deserves
Jun 17, 2013
It may be unsporting, even politically incorrect, to say this â? but a larger cause might be served if India do not win the Champions Trophy.
BCCI's long road to dealing with conflicts
Jun 11, 2013
Of the three agencies looking at corruption in Indian cricket â? the police, the media and the BCCI - two have already arrived at judgements and handed out sentences.
Prepositional jugglery of Srinivasan stepping aside and not stepping down
Jun 03, 2013
Faced with the choice between doing the right thing (resigning) and the selfish thing (dragging the name of the BCCI through mud), the President kicks his heels in and stays.
Board of Compromises for Cricket in India
May 29, 2013
As Saurabh Somani has suggested in his column in wisdenindia.com, perhaps Indian cricket survived not so much because of the integrity of its players but because of the indifference of the general public to the scandals.
Introduce foreign players into the Ranji Trophy championship
May 21, 2013
Bowling with Dale Steyn or batting with Michael Hussey (in IPL) can be an education, and many youngsters have benefited. Perhaps the time has come to extend the concept, and introduce foreign stars into the Ranji Trophy championship.
BCCI must act on fixing
May 21, 2013
Let us not make the same mistake we made at the turn of this century when we allowed match-fixers to get away with a slap on the wrists and then welcomed them back into the cricketing fraternity.
Sachin's 40th birthday comes with two messages
Apr 29, 2013
The 40th comes with two messages. One for him, the other for us. For Sachin, the end is near however you look at it. And for us, it comes with intimations of mortality. For over two decades, Tendulkar was our version of Dorian Gray, keeping us youthful and in some permanent world where everybody is in his 20s.
Gayle - Bradman of T20 cricket
Apr 26, 2013
Gayle is not just a T20 specialist â? there are a few of them about â? but an all round batsman with two triple centuries in Tests to his name.
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