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Suresh Menon Columns Date: 3/27/2014 - 3/27/2015
Indian commentators need lightness of touch
Mar 19, 2015
The grammar and language of one-day cricket are changing â? but you wouldnnâ?t know that from our commentators. We have world class players, officials who run the world game, a captain who is defending a title won four years ago.
Let the ODI remain a batsman's game
Mar 09, 2015
Authorities must resist the call to refigure the bat, make its edges less meaty and so on. Cricket is lucky in that it has three formats at the international level, with a World Cup in two of them. Each of the formats has its own texture, its own flow, and to interfere with that is unnecessary.
What makes a good ODI captain?
Feb 16, 2015
While often the best player in a Test XI is not the captain, in ODI, the best batsman tends to be. Hence the vote of confidence in players such as Dhoni, A B de Villiers, Eoin Morgan, George Bailey, Brendon McCullum, Angelo Matthews â? the most dangerous batsmen in their respective teams.
Top 6 at the World Cup
Feb 05, 2015
India may not inspire confidence. But this is a team which has for years now divorced its non-performance abroad in the longer format from its intensity and confidence in the shorter ones.
BCCI's choices are modernize or go back to the dark ages
Jan 27, 2015
Six weeks is a long time in cricket administration, and if Srinivasan divests himself of his Chennai Super Kings hat, uses his clout in the East and South Zones to swing the votes in West and Central, he might still be President of the BCCI in time to retain or give away the World Cup.
ICC World Cup's mid-life crisis
Jan 21, 2015
Now 40, the World Cup, has the worries of a 40-year-old. At 12, he was allowed to go out on his own, but had to wear white clothes and be back home before dark. At 16, he wore coloured clothes and could stay out late under the lights.
Indians have not learnt the value of patience
Jan 13, 2015
Had India won the first Test at Adelaide after a superb chase, there might have been a different story to tell. For this was not a great Australian team. To imagine that 2-0 was a good result is to settle for mediocrity when it was possible to turn around the depressing losses abroad since 2011.
The Dhoni era is over
Jan 01, 2015
Skipper Dhoni often carried illogicality and discretion to the point of impenetrability. You think you had him figured out, and then he whipped off the mask to reveal other masks beneath. No one really understood Dhoni, except Dhoni himself.
Kohli has shown he is ready, willing and able.
Dec 23, 2014
Kohli apart, no one has appeared capable of sustained concentration, although Murali Vijay showed in both Tests how to stick around as well as score while ignoring the occasional mistake.
Risking defeat in pursuit of victory
Dec 14, 2014
India have lost their last five Tests in Australia. It is difficult to beat Australia at home â? unless India are prepared to ride the slightest advantage as Australia did so well on the final day at Adelaide.
No room for passengers
Dec 08, 2014
The time has come for the Rohit Sharmas and the Varun Aarons, who played in the shadow of these big players to carry the torch forward. That is the way of sport, and it is where it imitates life most completely. The old order changes giving way to the new.
Sport is not a matter of life and death
Dec 02, 2014
Sport is a life-affirming activity, and to die in action goes against the natural order of things. Through the psychological membrane that separates sport from real life it is acceptable when situations from the former pass into the latter.
Supreme Court should spell out IPL's future
Nov 28, 2014
The Supreme Court does not have confidence in the BCCI to clean their own stables. This is a sentiment that is shared by the rest of the country. The Supreme Court will have to spell out the future in clear terms.
Younis' reputation will grow with time
Oct 27, 2014
Despite being the most experienced as well as the rock of the side in recent years, the gentleman cricketer, as Clarke called him, has not got his due in a part of the world where statistics usually decide greatness.
Shastri is the ideal man for the job
Oct 13, 2014
Shastri was no saint. But he was something more important - a professional who gave his best for the team. India missed out on a long-term 'Shastri Era' because of some weak men in the BCCI.
Anecdotes tell more about players than statistics
Oct 08, 2014
In the reserved seats at KSCA Stadium, anecdotes flow, history is recalled, often whimsy and quirkiness reign, competing fantasies are bandied about (as when picking all-time XIs). Players, past and present drop in to say hello, journalists clarify doubts.
Other countries should take a cue from Pakistan on chucking
Oct 01, 2014
Within hours of PCB taking the tough stand, former captain and off spinner Mohammed Hafeez, 33, with 36 Tests under his belt, was reported in the Champions League where he turns out for Lahore Lions. Could this be the beginning of the kind of introspection that might see one of cricketttÃ?s biggest problems solved?
How the Chepauk test was Tied
Sep 23, 2014
In the tied Test, Maninder had been given out leg before to the off spinner Greg Matthews by the Karnataka umpire Vikram Raju, a gentle soul with whom I had played club cricket in the 1980s.
Picking an all-time West Indies squad ahead of the team's 500th Test
Sep 15, 2014
As the once-great West Indies play their 500th Test match this week, no one who worshipped that team of incredible batsmen, fast bowlers and outstanding fielders needs any invitation to indulge in sport's greatest fantasy - the choosing of an all-time squad.
Srinivasan calls the shots - In or out of office
Sep 09, 2014
The BCCI has changed its rules before, and will doubtless do so again. And, as they say about winning cricket teams, the top job will go to the man who wants it most desperately.
England and India take turns to make other look brilliant
Sep 03, 2014
There are two ways of looking at India's performance in the one-day series. The more positive is that the team raised their game with determination and rare grit. The other is that Indiaaâ?s young players no longer consider Test match cricket important.
Why is Dhoni scared of change?
Aug 27, 2014
There seem to be no clear lines of authority. From Dhoni's statement, one presumes that Shastri is the overseer, Fletcher the boss - and Dhoni himself the super boss.
India's pathetic showing in England
Aug 19, 2014
There is nothing you cannot say about the 2014 disaster that was not said after the 2011 disaster. We blamed the openers then, the middle order, the lack of sting in the bowling, the poor preparation, the excessive focus on the IPL to the exclusion of most other things.
The odd series win at home does not compensate for the many losses abroad
Aug 11, 2014
Since July 2011, India have played 16 Tests abroad, and lost 12, all but one under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This is a miserable record for Indiaaâ?s most successful captain.
New look Indian team holds out great promise
Jul 22, 2014
The new look Indian team holds out great promise. There is an energy and self-belief that is remarkable. That India won without a major contribution from their two best batsmen, Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara bodes well too.
For India, First Test syndrome laid to rest
Jul 15, 2014
For the first time in years, India did not lose the first Test of an away series. But this flat track might come to haunt England should India, emboldened by their performance, come strongly at them in the rest of the series. I
For Chanderpaul, complacency was never part of the make-up
Jun 23, 2014
In an age when the focus has been on the flashy player, the big hitter, the PR-soaked personality, Chanderpaul has been the exception to the rule.
Can Pujara become the next Dravid in one-day cricket?
Jun 17, 2014
The Dravid role in the current team seems to be written for Cheteswar Pujara. There is the same obsession with occupation of the crease, the same focus on Test cricket, the same understanding of the importance of the anchor in the middle order.
The paymaster tells the piper what tune to play
Jun 09, 2014
If in the case of Project Snow, Australia and England threatened to break away because of the perceived power of the subcontinent, now the real power of the subcontinent has ensured they stay within the fold.
Scores of 200 no longer safe in Twenty20
Jun 07, 2014
One of the most depressing sights at the IPL is Steyn being treated like a journeyman by batsmen fully aware the ball will not do much, the pitch is a batting beauty, the boundaries are short and mishits can carry for six.
Modern cricket has lost its innocence
May 20, 2014
Modern cricket has lost its innocence. If a towel in the trousers was for long seen as the symbol that a fix was on, Lou Vincent has given us a few more signals. The colour of bat handles is one.
IPL and the changing grammar of cricket
May 12, 2014
Part of the charm of cricket, nay, sport itself, lies in the variety of figures and the relationships that runs scored or wickets taken or goals missed can give rise to.
In Cheshire League, 10 ducks in a row
May 05, 2014
What is the worst thing that can happen to you on a cricket field? Injury apart, for a batsman I would imagine it is being run out without facing a ball.
BCCI should embrace cricket for the blind
Apr 28, 2014
Just as the Women's Cricket Association was placed on a higher level once the BCCI took over, so will blind cricket in India. Across the border, that is the arrangement; the Pakistan Cricket Board is the governing body of its blind cricketers too.
Yuvraj has an off day of stunning proportions
Apr 08, 2014
Gone was the arrogance of his batsmanship, the power of his strokeplay, the cheekiness of his shot-making. It was like listening to a Beatles melody being played at the wrong speed.
Gavaskar will have to look beyond his nose
Apr 02, 2014
Gavaskar has the personality and the knowledge of the byways of BCCI politics to turn things around. But not speaking up against the Board is a habit of a lifetime he will have to overcome.
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