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All News Date: 11/13/2015 - 2/11/2016
USA Cricket: ACF remodels its constitution. Elects board members.
Feb 06, 2016
The Board of the American Cricket Federation (ACF) announced on February 1 that it has approved amendments to its Constitution, designed to further align the national organization with the United States Olympic Committeeeâ?s (USOC) guidelines and particularly to appoint an additional number of Independent Directors.
USA Cricket: ICC Board - USACA remains suspended, special project budget for USA confirmed.
Feb 04, 2016
The Board received a detailed update on cricket activities in the USA, and approved a strategic planning framework that has been developed after wide-ranging consultation with the USA cricket community.
USA Cricket: ICC plans additional strategic initiatives. To discuss USA cricket at Board meeting.
Jan 31, 2016
ICC has planned several near-term and strategic initiatives as part of its efforts to develop a strategy for promotion and development of cricket in the USA. Separately, progress on USACA and ICC initiatives in USA was listed as a key item of discussion during next week's ICC Board Meeting.
USA Cricket: USA Global Cricket Academy completes tour of Sri Lanka
Jan 30, 2016
Two teams from USA Global Cricket Academy completed a tour of Sri Lanka between December 18, 2015 and January 3, 2016.
USA Cricket: Alchemy of cricket to baseball and vice versa - The story of Powell and Collins
Jan 23, 2016
If Collins succeeds, he will become the first US born professional baseball player to transition to cricket. And if Powell gets drafted, he will be the first cricketer to turn pro since 1869 when Harry and George Wright made that transition.
CCA brings alumni together for a game
Jan 09, 2016
The recent graduates showed no apathy as their openers Brahmam and Srihari Dasarathy both approached half century getting off to a flyer much like the alumni team. The new ball was hard to keep inside the inner circle as boundaries came in a flourish of fours and sixes.
New Inning Foundation USA Cricket Awards: 2014 Bart King Award for Lifetime Achievement - Samuel Plummer
Dec 31, 2015
In a country with so few turf pitches, there are even fewer pitch curators with the expertise to know how to produce a proper wicket for playing at club standard, let alone one good enough for international cricket. It's why a man like Plummer is worth his weight in gold in the US cricket community.
USA Cricket: Triggers Cricket marks end of 2015 season
Dec 16, 2015
Judge Emmett spoke with passion about his interest in improving the game of cricket and asked TCCL to take cricket further into community working with school districts. Comparing cricket with soccer some 25 years ago, Judge Emmett suggested that cricket can become a true American game if it is promoted at the grassroots level.
Opinion: Cricket All-Stars was unique in every aspect
Dec 01, 2015
Skeptics have also said that the league made no attempt to influence and engage with cricket development programs and youth cricket academies. Perhaps they were unaware of the multiple hour-long sessions held by the All-Stars themselves in order to educate youth cricketers about the game.
Opinion: Cricket-All Stars Series will boost fan following for cricket
Nov 25, 2015
Cricket-All Stars is something that we can hope will boost the fan following of this sport in a nation where if enough people in the right places want something, the possibilities are endless.
USA Cricket: ICC presents draft USA cricket strategic framework in New York town hall
Nov 25, 2015
The strategy could only be implemented through a unified governance and administration structure that acts in the national interest, develops successful partnerships and generates funds to drive crickettttttÃ?s development.
Opinion: Cricket All-Stars League should try to reach out to Americans
Nov 22, 2015
To the common cricket fan, the Cricket All-Stars League seemed to be a fantastic experience. However, this League had failed to accomplish one of the tasks it had originally set out to fulfill.
USA Cricket All-Stars Series: Grand entertainment for the expat community
Nov 21, 2015
Like every cricket initiative in the United States this mission to raise cricket's visibility and popularity with the American public, this one as well quickly and inexorably morphed into grand entertainment exclusively and solely for the ex-pat cricket community.
USA Cricket: Warriors make it 3 in a row. Promise to come back in 2016.
Nov 17, 2015
The final encounter of the three match Cricket All-Stars series was held at the Dodgers stadium on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Spectators were treated to a thrilling game even if Sachin fans were disappointed with the eventual 3-0 result in favor of WarneeeeeÃ?s Warriors.
USA Cricket: Warriors and Cricket are winners in Houston
Nov 15, 2015
Houston was in a rush to catch up. Several important innovations, all of which have undoubtedly been tried separately at various cricket venues before, came together all at the same time in Houston - a match was played in a major baseball stadium, under a covered dome, on a drop-in wicket, on a weekday evening, under floodlights and in America.
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